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Sorry for my bad English.If there is something I didn't explain clearly please help me with it :)

Expertise Skills[edit]

Expert's Dexterity (PvP) Expert's Dexterity (PvP)

5 Energy25 Recharge time
Elite stance. "For 1...12...16 second[s], you attack 25% faster and your arrows move twice as fast. Expert's Dexterity renews when you successfully interrupt a skill."

  • Useful skill for skillful players.

Beast Mastery Skills[edit]

Slightly Changes
Companionship Companionship: 1 Activation time. - Compare it with Natural Healing.
Revive Animal Revive Animal: 2 Activation time.
Ferocious Strike Ferocious Strike: 6 Recharge time. - Compare it with Scavenger Strike.
Strike as One Strike as One: 8 Recharge time. - Barbed Spear and Maiming Spear combo used in Ranger/Paragon builds can be spammable.

Marksmanship Skills[edit]

Determined Shot Determined Shot

5 Energy10 Recharge time
Bow Attack. "If Determined Shot hits, you strike for +5...17...20 damage. If Determined Shot fails to hit, your next 3 attack skills cannot be blocked."

Slightly Changes
Arcing Shot Arcing Shot: 4 Recharge time.
Disrupting Shot Disrupting Shot: 5 Energy.
Punishing Shot Punishing Shot: 5 Energy. - Compare it with Savage Shot.
Splinter Shot Splinter Shot: 5 Energy. Damage target foe and adjacent foes if blocked.

Wilderness Survival Skills[edit]

Roaring Winds Roaring Winds

5 Energy3 Activation time30 Recharge time
Nature Ritual. "Create a level 1...8...10 Spirit. Chants, Shouts and Echos cost 1...2...2 lesser Energy and last 25% longer. This Spirit dies after 30...54...60 seconds."

  • Roaring Winds was too narrow that you can see no one use it. Change it to buff chant, shout and echo ways.

Scavenger's Focus Scavenger's Focus

5 Energy20 Recharge time
Elite Skill. "For 6...18...25 seconds your attacks deal +9 damage for each condition on foe (maximum 25)."

Slightly Changes
Brambles Brambles: 5 Energy3 Activation time20 Recharge time.
Conflagration Conflagration: 3 Activation time30 Recharge time.
Dryder's Defenses Dryder's Defenses: 30 Recharge time. 4...7...9
Muddy Terrain Muddy Terrain: 3 Activation time.
Quicksand Quicksand: 3 Activation time20 Recharge time.
Snare Snare: 10 Recharge time.
Winnowing Winnowing: 3 Activation time30 Recharge time.
Quicksand Quicksand: 3 Activation time20 Recharge time.
Melandru's Arrows Melandru's Arrows: 24 seconds.
Poison Arrow Poison Arrow: Unblockable if target suffers no condition. - Compare it with Crippling Shot.

No attribute Skills[edit]

Quick Shot Quick Shot

5 Energy1 Activation time1 Recharge time
Elite Bow Attack. "Shoot an arrow that moves twice as fast. If Quick Shot hits, your next 5 arrows also moves twice as fast."

  • The after-cast makes Quick Shot not quick at all.It needs a buff.