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Require no teamwork to spike, ignore tactical line, chase foe in 33% speed boost, farm champ\fame.

Some of listed could be balanced by nerfing "common".


1. Change to touch range.
2. Must follow an off-hand.
3. Change DW to Bleeding + Weakness.

Issue:Cheapest, hard to counter insane deep wound.

  • Overused 33% movement speed shouts. Overrunning NPC & foes in GvG and HA by obtaining at least 64%(16 seconds and the recharge is 25 seconds) of time, and gain at least 11 health per second. (equals to 5.5 regen)
Suggestions: Remove Health gain, reduce to 25% boost, and...
1. Change to 8 Adrenaline 4Recharge time
2. Change to: Ends for an ally if that ally hits with an attack or use a skill.

Issue: Gaining health and 33% boost is not proper in pvp as a non-elite shout, change to adrenaline-based as Primal Rage did.

1. Functional change:

10 Energy25 Recharge time (0...6...7 seconds.) For each different primary profession type of allies in the earshot, provides 0...4...5% damage reduction. (Max 33%)

2. Change to 7 Adrenaline Reduce to 25% boost.

Issue: Poorly designed rework.

Blood Spike[edit]

  • Though this update provides poorly counter of Life Stealing, it's always exploitable.
Simply nerf Angorodon's Gaze due to it provides everlasting energy, provides brainless Life Stealing spamming. Then we won't see those crap fame/champion point farmers for a while, until they find another gimmicky way to exploit this broken concept.
1. Change to: You gain 0...2...3 Energy if you have a condition, extra 0...2...3 Energy if target foe has a condition, and 0...2...3 more if target foe has a hex.
2. Functional change, Angorodon has no need to do with E-management.
3. Increase to 10 Energy

Issue: The only non-elite E-Management skill with very term outside Soul Reaping. Abnormal and imbalanced.

1. Functional change,

10 Energy1 Activation time15 Recharge time Deals 15...51...60 cold damage and target foe lose 1 Enchantment or current stance. Removal effect: deals 10...38...45 cold damage to other adjacent foes.

2. Deals 15...27...30 damage and 15...27...30 cold damage.
3. Adjacent

Issue: Poorly creativeness designed buff, only courage the usage of homogenous caster spike.

1. Functional change:

5 Energy¼ Activation time15 Recharge time Remove 1 Condition from target foe. Removal effect: Deals 10...50...60 damage and remove 1 Enchantment.

2. Change to: all creature nearby you.

Issue: Obviously overpowered with Shadow Steps, especially Dark Prison or Shadow Fang + Iron Palm. Currently limitation: "1...3...4 foes in the area" is meaningless.

Lich Spike[edit]

1. Remove the free minion and +1.

33% Sacrifice5 Energy2 Activation time45 Recharge time

1. Change to non-targetable.

15 Energy2 Activation time25 Recharge time Deals 5...29...35 cold damage each second for 5 seconds. Inflicts Cracked Armor for 0...6...8 seconds. Hits foes nearby target's initial location.

Ranger Spike[edit]

1. You shoot two arrows simultaneously. Shoot only one arrow if you are enchanted, hexed or under an effect of weapon spell.
2. You shoot two arrows, hitting target foe and one foe nearby.
Issue: overpowered comparing to Dual Shot
Suggestion: Your bow attack skills cost 1...3...3 less Energy, and your non-skill attack do +1...12...15 damage.
Issue: discourage usage of rspike

5 Energy1 Activation time8 Recharge time Deals +5...13...15 damage. If target is using a spell, that foe lose 1 Enchantment; If target is attacking, that foe lose current stance.

Issue: so many interruption elites, proposing a functional change
Suggestion: Disabled for +0...12...15 seconds.
Issue: scaling more paramount for this skill
Suggestion: No effect while target ally is enchanted or under effect of Preparation.
Suggestion: Inflicts Cracked Armor condition (5...17...20 seconds) if target foe has Deep Wound.