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Missing miniatures[edit]

Well, none of these are really missing, but I'm not sure what excuse ANet might use to introduce them into the game. (Perhaps it might have been more correct to label these as, Miniatures that are missing a plausible excuse for their introduction...erm, perhaps not.)

More importantly, these would be minis that wouldn't just brownian motion around; they have other interesting features.

Miniature Minister Cho

Minister Cho render.jpg Afflicted Necromancer.jpg Every 60 seconds, this miniature has a 10% chance of transforming from Minister Cho to the Diseased Minister.

Miniature Stumme

Kurzick peasant m.jpg Krytan m.jpg Every 60 seconds, this mini switches between looking like Jaun Stumi or Ian Sturmme.

Miniature Zaishen Coin

Copper Zaishen CoinSilver Zaishen CoinGold Zaishen Coin This mini coin about the size of the Moa Chick rolls around on its edge (instead of walking). Every 60 seconds, there's a 5% chance is looks gold and a 10% chance of silver. (Think of the Gingerbread Man or the runaway Johnny Cake.)

Miniature ambient scenery

This mini follows its owner, but remains stationary (rather than dance in a brownian walk). Instead, it evolves from looking like bats in dungeons to birds in Shing Jea to ...

Miniature Enchanted Weapon / Forgotten Armor

Enchanted Spear.jpg Enchanted Shield.jpg The weapon can appear as an Enchanted Spear or Enchanted Shield. Forgotten Enchanted.jpg The armor can appear as a Forgotten Avenger or Forgotten Axe.