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Just because I suggest it doesn't mean that it has to be done.
You can play how you want while I play how I want, my suggestions are my opinions on how to alter the game....

Konig Des Todes


TEF's suggestions[edit]

This is the personal suggestion homepage for Tennessee Ernie Ford. I realize that it's unlikely that ANet will ever have time to follow-up on any suggestions, good or bad, so these are mainly here for posterity. On the whole, I'm glad that ANet is devoting its full attention to GW2.

Guild Wars 1 Suggestions[edit]

Guild Wars 2 Suggestions[edit]

Former suggestions[edit]

This includes suggestions that are implemented, those that have little chance of being implemented, and those that are superseded by better suggestions or recent updates. This list includes both GW1 and GW2 ideas. (The original designers of the feedback system didn't provide any means of distinguishing the games or different reasons for removing an article from consideration without deleting it.)

Removed suggestions[edit]

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