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Thunderhead Keep shouldn't be mysterious[edit]

Update the Thunderhead Keep mission log so that the quest updates noticeably if you have succeeded in protecting the Dwarves. Even better, make the bonus more like it is in other missions: give credit for completing it if the Dwarves are saved (even if you don't finish the Mission successfully).


The bonus in Thunderhead Keep is horribly annoying to most people: it takes about 5-15 minutes to trigger the start of the bonus and then you have no reliable indicator as to whether you succeeded until 15-25 minutes later, when you have killed the last besieging foe.

At the very least, it should be easy to tell if you have succeeded (or failed) to complete the bonus; you shouldn't have to parse the Dwarves' dialogue to determine the status.

What this suggestion is not

I'm not suggesting any changes to the spawns or requirements for completing the mission or the bonus. This is entirely about how the player can learn the status of the bonus.