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Add the /stuck command to fix issues with NPC movement[edit]

Create a new /stuck command that can be used to unstick allies during a mission or quest.

  • /stuck [ally] causes the NPC to move [x] squares from its current position (perhaps towards the player or directly away from the nearest object)
    • /stuck (without an argument) causes all allies within shout distance to do the same.

Create two more commands that can be used to preempt allies from any delays in following the party:

  • /speedup [ally] causes the NPC to suspend skill use for 10 seconds.
  • /followme [ally] causes the ally to follow the player executing the command rather than the indeterminate following that usually takes place.
    • followme without an argument applies to all allies within shout distance.


  • None of these commands should work during combat (i.e. with red dots within 2-3 aggro bubbles).
  • /speedup should only work on allies in the party panel.
  • None of these skills should work on heroes, henchmen, pets, summons, spirits/minions, or other types of allies; only on NPCs participating in the quest/mission.


Everyone has had the experience of an NPC getting stuck, stopping to heal a minion, or following the wrong player. Some NPCs can body block players or heroes/henchmen. Everyone has tried to develop work-arounds (and there are many), but it is unnecessarily annoying and breaks immersion in the game. By adding some simple commands (similar to cheat codes available in other games, e.g. Oblivion or Morrowind), this pernicious problem can be mitigated entirely.


  • Vizunah Square: Mhenlo frequently stops to heal minions. /Speedup Mhenlo would suspend his skill use long enough to get to the next enemy spawn location and/or to dialogue trigger.
  • Tahnnakai Temple: both Mhenlo and Togo can get stuck on chests or spirits. /stuck or /stuck Mhenlo would move them slightly, allowing the AI pathing to work again. Similarly, the unbound NPCs can get stuck.
  • Shards of Orr: Crewmember Shandra frequently body blocks players, which is particularly frustrating when she cuts of the retreat of a tank or puller.