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No more required heroes[edit]

End the requirement for Nightfall missions to include particular heroes.


Option 1 — unrestricted

Remove the hero requirement for all campaigns. Instead, turn the required hero into a party NPC who auto-resurrects (or is simply ignored by the AI), similar to how it works in EotN.

(This option courtesy of Konig Des Todes)

Option 2 — somewhat restricted

For storyline purposes, continue to require particular heroes until a Character has obtained Protector and Guardian titles. After that, allow any heroes to serve in the role.

  • For parties with any heroes, give the dialogue to the first listed hero.
  • For parties without any heroes, give the dialogue to the last player in the party list.


While the storyline becomes more interesting when bringing particular heroes, the game itself becomes more tedious. Required heroes prevent 8 players for teaming up for certain missions (but not others) and dictate to the player how to put together their team. Monk players are particularly affected, because two of the required heroes are monks.