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Encyclopedia GaileGrayica
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Price checks
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Handy tools

Player tools

User Tennessee Ernie Ford Farm icon.png Farming tips:

Gift of the Traveler.png Item of the Week predictive checklist
Paper Wrapped Parcel.png Keiran's picnic checklist
Main Event.png Weekend event predictor
  • HoM
Zodiac Daggers.png Comparison of weapon skins for your HoM (for those interested in limited costs, but maximizing their score).
Warrior Elite Platemail Helm f.png Comparison of eligible armors for your HoM (also: comparison of available hero upgrades)
  • Guides:
Young Heroes of Tyria.png User:Rose Of Kali's Young Heroes guide to Survivor
Vanquished Helmet.png Armond's optimization guide

Rare Material Trader icon.png Price checks, including:

Small Bag of Gold.jpg Sources: past auction results, real time recent Kamadam trades
Everlasting Birthday Tonic.png Analysis: how much is it worth: How much are zoins worth? (about 4-23Gold/Copper Zaishen Coin or 3-12Platinum/Gold Zaishen Coin), How much are GotTs worth? (about 4k)
  • Search pvx for builds using, Technobabble; substitute the bit in quotes to search for other builds. (PvX doesn't have its own mechanism for finding builds based on a non-elite skill.)

Contributor tools


Coding tools