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Copper Zaishen Coin.png How much are zoins worth?
~0.2–1.2 Platinum/Silver Zaishen Coin

(But silvers sell for 2k.)
(©2011 Shameless self-promotion division.)
Gift of the Traveler.png How much are GotTs worth?
~4Platinum in tradeable goods.

(They currently trade for up to 5k.)
(©2011 Shameless self-promotion division.)
Ministerial Commendation.png How much are Ministerial Commendations worth?
1Platinum 200Gold–2Platinum 500Gold each
(Depending on lockbox drop rates.)
(©2011 Shameless self-promotion division.)
Tango-activation-darker.png Now collecting

( on Nicholas' current locale)
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Item of the Week Predictions[edit]

Using this article to farm[edit]

Miniature Yakkington.png Prediction: Nick will ask for the same items as he did originally; only the order will be scrambled.
(The fact that he requested Mandragor Root Cake suggests that ANet didn't bother to alter the most annoying-to-farm requests.)

Miniature Yakkington.png Background

Nick has started a new cycle.

  • His 138th request was the same as his first, but his dialogue suggested changes.
  • 22 of 22 requests in the new cycle are exact matches (or near enough) to those in the first cycle: same coordinates, item/count, and dialogue. (The sole exception is the first week's request, which included notably different dialogue.)

Recent activity[edit]

  • Current week of current cycle: 22
  • Number of weeks matching an original request: 22
  • Number of times Nick has differed from the original cycle: 0 (Specifically: altered request or location; does not include minor changes to dialogue or Nick's orientation.)

Variations from original cycle[edit]

Most annoying[edit]

These requests are remembered as being among the most annoying (not counting any rare materials).

# Item Campaign Region Area Notes Map
1 Bottle of Vabbian Wine Nightfall Vabbi Vehtendi Valley 2010-12-27 map
1 Chromatic Scale Eye of the North Far Shiverpeaks Ice Cliff Chasms in Gwen's garden 2009-05-18 map
1 Diamond Djinn Essence Nightfall Vabbi The Hidden City of Ahdashim 2011-06-13 map
1 Dragon Root Factions Echovald Forest Drazach Thicket 2011-03-21 map
1 Geode Nightfall Vabbi Yatendi Canyons 2011-10-03 map
1 Guardian Moss Factions The Jade Sea Maishang Hills west of Eredon Terrace 2009-11-09 map
1 Keen Oni Talon Factions The Jade Sea Silent Surf 2010-08-09 map
1 Pillaged Goods Nightfall Vabbi Holdings of Chokhin 2010-03-01 map
1 Roaring Ether Heart Nightfall Vabbi The Mirror of Lyss 2010-01-04 map
1 Ruby Djinn Essence Nightfall The Desolation The Alkali Pan 2010-01-11 map
1 Sapphire Djinn Essence Nightfall Vabbi Resplendent Makuun next to Bokka Amphitheatre 2009-06-15 map
1 Sentient Lodestone Nightfall Kourna Bahdok Caverns 2011-06-20map
1 Skull Juju Factions Echovald Forest The Eternal Grove (explorable area) 2011-08-22 map
1 Truffle Factions Echovald Forest Morostav Trail 2010-08-16 map
1 Water Djinn Essence Nightfall The Desolation Turai's Procession in the west 2009-10-19 map
2 Cobalt Talons Nightfall Vabbi Vehjin Mines 2011-05-23 map
2 Roaring Ether Claws Nightfall Vabbi Garden of Seborhin 2010-05-24 map
2 Rot Wallow Tusks Factions Kaineng City Pongmei Valley near The Afflicted Hakaru 2009-08-17 map
2 Sentient Spores Nightfall Kourna Sunward Marches 2011-10-24 map
3 Black Pearls Factions The Jade Sea Archipelagos 2011-03-14 map
Bog Skale Fins
5 per Herring
Prophecies Kryta Scoundrel's Rise
[Twin Serpent Lakes]
2011-10-17 map

20090727 map
3 Bolts of Linen Prophecies Northern Shiverpeaks Traveler's Vale next to Iron Horse Mine 2009-04-27 map
3 Branches of Juni Berries Factions Kaineng City Bukdek Byway next to Marketplace 2009-05-04 map
3 Skree Wings Nightfall Vabbi Forum Highlands 2010-10-11 map
3 Soul Stones Factions Kaineng City Raisu Palace (explorable area) 2010-11-15 map
5 Forgotten Trinket Boxes Factions Shing Jea Island Minister Cho's Estate (explorable area) in the east 2009-10-26 map

Patterns from the original cycle[edit]

Acquisition patterns[edit]

Totals Item type Local Non-local Notes
5 Trophy
5 0 Items exchanged for a trophy
(Bowl of Skalefin Soup, Drake Kabob, Herring, Mandragor Root Cake, Pahnai Salad)
9 Merchandise
(Includes rare materials)
1 8 Avail via NPC. (Rare mats are classified as non-local since they could not be reliably farmed in-zone, except for Amber.)
(Dwarven Ale was not available in the the local zone.)
6 Salvage item 6 0 (Charr Hide, Luminous Stone, Roaring Ether Heart, Maguuma Spider Web, Pillaged Goods)
(Bottle of Vabbian Wine, farmed locally; labeled as Salvage item instead of derivative b/c it can be farmed directly.)
1 Quest item 0 1 (Branch of Juni Berries is not available in Factions)
116 Trophy 111 5 (Non-locals: Red Iris Flower, Chromatic Scale, Gloom Seed, Phantom Residue; counting Enslavement Stone as foreign since it cannot be farmed in Nick's zone.)
137 Totals 123 14 Non-local items cannot be farmed in Nick's location. They include: 5 trophies, all but 2 items from NPCs, the only quest item, and Red Iris Flowers.


  • Local trophies account for 80.9% of all requests.
    • 89.8% of items are found in Nick's zone (although not always the best place to farm).
    • 84.6% of items are trophies.

Nick's patterns[edit]


See also[edit]

Check out User:Kanda/Nicholas and Guild Wiki — I follow (and borrow) heavily from the first and use the latter to help identify patterns.

Thank yous[edit]

  • User:Kanda, who was the first to provide a useful model for suggesting what to store.
  • User:Chieftain Alex, who pointed out (and often corrected) terrible typos and errors caused when I copied from Excel to Wiki.
  • User:Leviticus Lo, who refactored the presentation after Nick started collected Bog Skale Fins, even though he had already collected its derivative.
  • ZeeWabbit for figuring out how Nick might convince the Dredge to help.
  • Gaudy Gourd God for pointing out that Nick didn't choose Feathered Crests.
  • Various anonymous contributors for comments and keeping my data up-to-date.

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