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A short list of items needed for the picnic[edit]

The good stuff[edit]

These preferred items can be traded for Paper Wrapped Parcel.
Paper Wrapped Item Source Notes
Cupcake Random drop during GW anniversary Trades @300-500Gold
Drake Kabob Chef Lonbahn in Kamadan Requires 1 Chunk of Drake Flesh, farmable in Floodplains (outside Moddok Crevice)
Hard Apple Cider Random drop during Thanksgiving week Trades @300-500Gold
Votive Candles x6 Necromancer Munne in Sardelac Sanitarium requires 3 Honeycombs; there are pre-reqs

The junk[edit]

These acceptable items can be traded for a Sack of Random Junk.
Random Junk Item Source Notes
Bottle of Rice Wine Any Factions merchant Question Mark.png 200 Gold (reported as unacceptable)
Bottle of Vabbian Wine NA No
Dwarven Ale Lots of sources, esp. Shiverpeak merchants Yes§ Trades @100Gold
Eggnog Various Wintersday sources Yes§ Trades @100Gold
Hunter's Ale Lots of sources, esp commendations etc Yes§ Trades @100Gold
Shamrock Ale Random St Patrick's day drop Yes§ Trades @100Gold
Bowl of Skalefin Soup Chef Panjoh in Astralarium Yes§ Requires 2 NF Skale Fins
Chunk of Drake Flesh Drakes Question Mark.png (Not sure this works anymore)
Herring NA No Trades @500+Gold
Pahnai Salad Chef Volon in Champion's Dawn Yes for 2 Iboga Petals
Truffle Various Wallows No (Too valuable)
Chocolate Bunny Random drop Easter weekend No Trades @300-500Gold
Crème Brûlée Any Factions merchant No 300Gold
Pumpkin Cookie§ Random Halloween drop Yes§ Trades @100-300Gold
Red Bean Cake Any Factions merchant No 200Gold
Slice of Pumpkin Pie Random Thanksgiving drop No Trades @150-350Gold (more important uses)
Votive Candles x6 See above No (Required honeycombs are too valuable.)
Yes Worth converting to Sack;
§ Cheap/cheapest and easy/easiest to obtain.
No Not worth it.
Question Mark.png Possibly worth converting.

Junk notes[edit]

  • After converting 3 items of any type for Junk, Keiran give you credit for that type, allowing you to proceed with the next phase of the picnic; you will not get parcels, though.
    • After proceeding, you will not have an opportunity to exchange for Parcels.
    • TEF is unsure whether this 3fer applies to War in Kryta and The War in Kryta or just those following the official quest line.