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  • Caretaker's Charge - OP in RA
  • Channeled Strike - sounds okay with 1,5 sec. 1 Sec is much too strong, also added dam much to high
  • Clamor of Souls - sounds okay
  • Cruel Was Daoshen - ashes in pve? but why not?
  • Lamentation - OP in PvP
  • Painful Bond - Reason? below?
  • Signet of Spirits (PvP) - 1 Hit -> 1 Spirit but its a signet, not again spiritspam in PvP its kinda unskilled gameplay
  • Wailing Weapon - Is actually stronger, not another buff for unskilled Spirit Strenght builds

--Kali Shin Shivara 03:39, 26 December 2011 (UTC)

Since you didn't give a proper reason to some skills you tagged as OP it was difficult to adjust them.
  • Caretaker's Charge's effect remains the same now for PvP aside that it also triggers when there is a spirit in range.
  • For Channeled Strike i reduced it's unconditional damage to 75 and per your request increased it's casting time up to 1.5.
  • Lamention now has it's damage spread out over a period of 15 seconds but it's damage still remains the same (and had never been changed so i assumed it's the ammount of pressure dealt over the period of time).
  • Painful Bond has a PvP version to reduce the synergy with Signet of Spirits and general spirit spammers in PvP.
  • Signet of Spirit, i reduced it's damage further but it seriously cannot be concidered taking for pure damage what spirit spammers prefer, even you should see that. The spirits deal a low ammount of damage and have a very low level meaning when attacks die fairly fast, so they should offer little real danger in PvP. What i designed it to do is to offer multiple spirits to make it easier for the effect of skills that require a spirit to trigger. If you want to deal pure damage there are way better elites to do that job than 3 low level spirits. I use SoS in PvE for that reason mainly and like it that way and is something i miss a bit in PvP. To prevent spirit spamming in PvP both the damage of Signet of Spirits and Painful Bonds have been reduced giving them little value for that purpuse and are beter off with Ritual Lord and Soul Twisting. Even if it summons 3 spirits they are still at a very low level and you are better off with some strong high level spirits created by Ritual Lord than 3 weak low level spirits. You really should not be afraid of it bringing back spirit spammers back in PvP.
  • To please just you i gave Wailing Weapon a PvP version that ends early on attacks so it cannot work together with Spirit Strength.
As for Crual Was Daoshen i say this; yes ashes are used in PvE outside DoA, most popular is Kaolai for party heal and Li Ming for condition removal, heck even Lee Sah is used for non-elite energy managment when not using spirits. I let it be for PvE only since you really would not want to have a non-elite AoE deep wound in PvP do you. Da Mystic Reaper 15:06, 26 December 2011 (UTC)
That is so Cruel! ^_^ Blind and Cracked Armor (exempting Burn) seems to be the only conditions freely accessible to Ritualist (which compliments the spirit theme), so its debatable if Anet would agree to additional conditions like bleeding, let alone honoring the Cruel nomenclature. I get what your objective is here and other related feedback. Have you considered moving Signet of Spirits (PvP) to Communing to further force an attribute spread (and thusly away from Painful, Siphon, etc.); From my perspective, the only viable reason SoS (PvE) remained in channeling was to promote Hero attribute/bar compression, as up until that point the only 3(4) spirits were either indirect AoE damage, life-stealing, or destroyed something. --Falconeye 05:33, 28 December 2011 (UTC)
Well besides the word Cruel there is another reason i turned the lightning damage into a deep wound for pve, it's the upcoming HM changes. With the upcoming ele buff there will also be a decrease in armor rating but to compensate an increase in health. Giving a skill that decreases the maximum health of foes in PvE should not be unreasonable with the health increase. Well it's a skill that fits best in HM anyways since normal damage skills are enough to take out foes in NM. Also keep in mind that for certain rit skills the damage is going to be reduced as well. Right now it may seem a bit unneeded and a bit unbalanced but let's say i'm just looking ahead.
About SoS, no i intent it to be a skill that supports the spirit themed spells by offering multiple spirits. I already explained that they will be useless for a spirit lord because of the superior alternatives, the nerf to Painful Bonds is also to prevent abuse of the 3 offensive spirits in spirit lord builds and in builds that combine offensive spells with SoS. Moving it to Communing what you suggest also means that you suggest it to be used for offense in spirit lord builds wich i want to prevent from happening. But talking about the spirit builds one spell did cath my eye that stands out a bit, being Spirit Rift. It's the only spell in Channeling Magic with spirit in it's name that does not require a spirit for it's effect to trigger.
And for the bleeding caused by Wailing Weapon well i say this; can't casters have a usable offensive weapon for Wielder's Strike? I chose bleeding because it's a fairly weak condition and since it's a weapon spell that lasts for a considerable ammount of time and has no number of spells affected by it. Altough not all that strong it is affected by spells that deal AoE damage and can give casters a nice way of causing pressure. But still it's main purpose is to give a good skill to fulfill the criteria of Wielder's Strike. Da Mystic Reaper 15:55, 28 December 2011 (UTC)
Spirit Rift Spirit Rift - Activates 50% faster if earshot spirit/holding item or Inflicts Cracked Armor (1...16...20 second[s]) if earshot spirit/holding item could solve that inconsistency. Continuing the Cruelty logic, it seems Grasping Was Kuurong stands to benefit from Cripple; in addition to any skill that doesn't strictly adhere to nomenclature/convention (i.e. anet failing to follow their own rules ^_^). --Falconeye 02:21, 19 January 2012 (UTC)
I'm still thinking Grasping Was Kuuring over how to let it snare but can't fully figure it out of how to do it. It's knock down ability does snare foes but for the duration there isn't really a function that allows you to snare. Well what i currently got in mind is to give it a function similar to Forest's Binding and give it the ability to hex a foe you target with a spell with Binding Chains. I see Binding Chains as more appropriate due to it's short duration vs cripple condition wich can have it's duration extended quite a bit. How to let that function work balanced and properly i am still trying to figure out. Spirit Rift is also on the list and i might go for the thing you suggested. I'm still thinking it over. Da Mystic Reaper 23:57, 21 January 2012 (UTC)
Item Spell Update: Detonates instantly/75% faster if you are withing earshot of a spirit... might be a better condition if you despise that (3 seconds.) rule so much. Sometimes i use it to force a move, especially when echo-chaining on days I feel like running alternative builds; there is a certain fear-factor when seeing an orb rising at your feet (like those Destroyer of Souls from Glint's Challenge). ^_^ --Falconeye 04:59, 23 January 2012 (UTC)
I don't dispise it but i want to make it more practical in use. Well the main reason is that it can be easily avoided but for a non-elite i gues a delayed damage would be better. Da Mystic Reaper 19:32, 23 January 2012 (UTC)