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This page is an official policy on the Guild Wars Wiki.

It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that all users should follow.

The purpose of the Guild Wars Wiki is to help players, and links to fansites can help players locate additional sources of information, some of which may not be directly available on this wiki. Therefore, articles for notable fansites that redirect to the list of fansites article are allowed.

This article sets out the criteria for notability for a fansite to be listed, as well as laying out the basic outline of what data will be retained in the list of fansites article.

Naming and contents[edit]

Individual articles for fansites will consist solely of a redirect to the list of fansites article and categorisation in Category:Fansite redirects via the {{fansite redirect}} template. An entry should be made on the talk page of that article which references the notability criteria which justifies the site being included in the fansite list.

Criteria of notability[edit]

To be included in the list of fansites, a fansite must achieve a certain level of notability, defined as meeting any of the following:

  • Attained considerable popularity among the game's audience, allowing to manifest a stable activity everyday.
  • Remains active and online continuously and is frequented often by a notable user base.
  • Recently showcased by ArenaNet via their various social media platforms.

Fansite article[edit]

For each fansite, the article will contain only this information:

  • Fansite name which also links to the fansite.
  • Primary languages used on the fansite.
  • A short description of the site.