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Update - Tuesday, March 18, 2008[edit]

Real-Money Trading[edit]

Today we are taking steps to further protect the game from abuse by real-money trading (RMT) companies. Please read our Policy on Real-Money Trading for more information on how and why we block real-money trading.

  • We are adding the ability to block certain IP addresses from the game. In the coming days and weeks, we will be using this capability to block addresses of RMT companies that heavily abuse the game.
  • We are also adding code to detect and block IP addresses that are running an open proxy, so that players cannot mask their real IP address by connecting to the game through an open proxy.
  • To clarify our policy on blocking IP addresses from the game, we added the following line to section 7 of the User Agreement:
NC Interactive may from time to time in its sole discretion implement various forms of filtering, blocking or monitoring of IP addresses or proxies used to use, play or access the Game(s) or the Service, including without limitation blocking or filtering measures that restrict your ability to use, play or access the Game(s) or Service outside of the territories in which NC Interactive makes the Game(s) or Service available.
  • To combat a growing problem with account fraud, newly created accounts are now restricted from trading with other players within the first 24 hours after account creation. Please see today’s Dev Update for more information on this change.

Bug Fixes[edit]

Guild Wars Wiki Notes[edit]

  • There was a second unannounced update. This included the new User Agreement text which was missing in the first build.
  • Players had to re-accept the EULA.
  • The weekend event login announcement for this weekend had no collapsible text describing the weekend event. Three hours after the second update the login announcement was fixed. It originally read as follows:
    Sweet Treat Weekend"
    text=This weekend