Guide to traveling via corpse exploitation

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This page contains information about a Guild Wars component or feature that has been removed or replaced.
The information on this page does not apply to the game as it currently exists.

Travelling via Necrotic Traversal, or any related skills, is often necessary to reach places that you can't get to by conventional means. This guide is intended to help people master the mechanics of using this skill and ways to allow other party members to travel with you.

To help you with this latter goal always try to store Vampiric weapons when you find them, making sure they are uncustomized. This will help someone with both Necrotic Traversal and Rebirth to bring party members without the Necrotic Traversal with them.

Since the February 21, 2013 update, player skills that cause teleportation have the same restrictions as shadow stepping, preventing the use of this travel method.

Create your corpse[edit]

The first step is to find or create an unexploited corpse in the location you want to travel to.

Because it has to be unexploited other players should be told to refrain from using corpse exploitation skills and to disable these skills on their heroes (using shift-click on their hero's individual skill bars). This has to be done before the corpse is created as getting any corpse in an appropriate enough location can be tough enough.

Often this has to be done at the range of a longbow or a flatbow although sometimes a staff will be able to reach as well. Creatures without range attacks themselves may have to be killed pretty fast otherwise they might try to run away. Spells that slow a creature can be useful and even the unskilled used of a longbow (at half-damage) can help.

Use the Necrotic Traversal skill[edit]

Then the party members who have the Necrotic Traversal skill should transfer themselves via the available corpses and once there they should try to acquire more corpses in range of the rest of the party, if there are more party members who have this skill.

If you have only one corpse, and you feel you need more than one person to do what has to be done, then that person should have both Necrotic Traversal and Rebirth.

Start dying so Rebirth can transfer you[edit]

Party members who want to be transferred without possessing Necrotic Traversal now need to start dying so after they die an already transferred person can use Rebirth on them.

To do this successfully other players should be told to refrain from using any form of healing, regeneration or resurrection skills and to disable such skills on their heroes (using shift-click on their hero's individual skill bars).

Then players and heroes should be able to kill themselves by wielding Vampiric weapons or using skills that sacrifice percentages of their health scores. This can take time and as a consequence a lot of patience is required.

Once they are dead the characters are then brought across using Rebirth and as soon as possible they should equip themselves with their standard, non-Vampric weapons.

Re-enable those skills[edit]

The last step, once everyone that can be transferred has been, is to re-enable the skills of heroes that have been disabled.