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Idiot Savants [iQ]

Idiot Savants [iQ]
Guild Idiot Savants cape.jpg
Type PvP
Cape trim Gold

Idiot Savants was a competitive GvG guild that won 2 major tournaments back in the summer and autumn of 2006.

Accomplishments in Idiot Savants [iQ]

Core Team

  • Big Mchugelarge
  • Im A Paladin
  • Celestia Valkyria
  • Rayne Eternal I Q
  • Hello Apollo
  • Truth Bot
  • Sarus Practice Bot
  • Savage Cheater
  • Lara Valor


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  • [iQ] and its smurf [wuv] both placed in the Guild Wars World Championship Ladder. Source.
  • Idiot Savants [iQ] won the first ever Guild Wars Swiss tournament! Source.
  • [iQ] was and still is widely remembered for utilizing VoD with Glyph of Sacrifice and Meteor Shower against [iB] and [EvIL] during the GWFC. Source 1, Source 2.
  • [iQ] during the second game against [iB] hid and did not use Meteor Shower until VoD. Source.
  • [iQ] turtled against [EvIL] during their last two matches and drank ale. Once starting at the 10 minute mark and lasting until VoD and the other from 45 seconds on till the 30 minute mark. Source 1-2.
  • [WM] paid tribute to [iQ]'s unconventional strategy by selecting the skill Meteor Shower to be added to the pin set. Source.