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Manlove Rules [Beol]

Manlove Rules (historical) [Beol]
Territory Europe
Language Dutch/English
Faction None
Type PvE
Guild Hall Wizards Isle
         Because ManLove Simply Rules, this guild was founded.


It al started in '07 with the creation of Manlove Rules , a buff warrior with shiny purple armor. Who was a frequent guest in Kamadan, Jewel is Istan. Some loved him, others yelled at him. But Manlove remained strong and decided to found a guild. Wich has now been done, by him and a friend called Eddo the brute. The guild hasnt been reqruiting so far, and probably wont until Guild Wars 2.


The goal of this guild is to just have fun (boys just wanna have, were not gonna farm faction, or anything like that. All we want is to have fun as a guild, via chat or TeamSpeak/Vent.


At this very moment we are not reqruiting and we wont be for a very long time (until euh gw 2 or so =P) To join this guild all that is requirerd is a sence of humor, and the ability to not take everything to personal and just laugh about it. So if you think, you could manage, and want to join, Check back here when we are actually reqruiting.


1st in command in this guild is = Eoreun Beol [ a.k.a. Manlove Rules]