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Oooga Booga [OG][edit]

Oooga Booga [OG]
Guild Oooga Booga cape.jpg
Territory USA flag.png USA
Faction Kurzick.png Kurzick
Type PvP/GvG
Cape trim Gold

The current guild rank - along with its history - can be found here.


Core Roster[edit]

The core roster consists of players who regularly play in Automated Tournaments with the guild:

  • Beamr Benzor Bently (V)
  • Solo Hoe (Gai)
  • Prose Poetry (Prose)
  • C R Seven (Trojan)
  • Sufficient Sauron (Dark)
  • Mother Germany (Jey)
  • B R I C K S Q U A D (Enigma)
  • Zealous Gaze (Torp)


  • Oooga Booga was the first and only guild so far to win the finals after losing 3 matches in the Swiss round.
  • Torp and Prose were not actually core members but elite mercenaries hired by the guild for an undisclosed amount of ectoplasms in the final week leading up to the guild's final monthly tournament.