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Handle Location Gaming Background Preferred Profession Favorite GW Quote Favorite Dii Characters
Guild Leader
Alaris Montreal, Canada RPGs, FPS, Strategy, Horror Ranger & Paragon.
I enjoy ranged attacks, so I can concentrate on strategy, shutdowns, and support. I particularly enjoy Ranger's versatility.
"You're going down, silent clown" Strafazon & Necromancer.
No wonder my first GW char was R/N, and my main is R/Rt.
Bowie Maryland, USA P&P RPGs, console RPGs Healing Monk. I attempt to use skills and tactics that will in part compensate for the effects of getting old, and my general lack of computer/keyboard skills. “We can beat them!” -Tahlkora (in the training area as we attacked a barrel..) -
Lensor Sweden Mostly Diablo II and turned-based strategy Ranger followed by Ritualist and to some extent Paragon. "Idiot, meet hammer. Hammer, idiot" - Devona Amazon (Strafer Bowazon is my fav.) but I also like the Necro.
ShadowLurker Pennsylvania RPGs (Final Fantasy series, other random RPGs, Diablo II), FPS Elementalist (Any caster, really) "Pudding... All gone the pudding with the yellow." - Horace I like them all, TBH. However, I love making Amazons purely with passive skills (haha, you can't hit me) and magic arrow (free arrows/bolts anyone?)
Skallagrimson Vancouver P&P, Board, Console, PC Ranger--tried and true. - Amazon. Loved my Strafazon and Javazon.
Thulsey Taipei Sketchy Ranger - though I have much love for my Warrior, Ritualist and Monk as well... "Find a boss. Kill it. Activate Signet. Pick a skill. Rinse. Repeat. Got it." Big Necro fan - first GW character was a Necro. Wasn't the same at all...
Can Grand Ella Ohio, USA RPG's and Console games Dervs: I love my derv. She can kill anything. When it comes to pvp I prefer eles and necros over everything else. "That's Jamei? Mhenlo, he's a GIRL!"- Cynn -

Clash Connecticut, USA Varied I enjoy trying out all sorts of skill combinations, so I now have eight active PvE characters. My long term goal is to unlock every skill in all three campaigns without using Balthazar Faction. - -
Diab The Vindicator New York, USA RPGs I play Sword Warriors mostly, with a Monk secondary, usually with some Smiting skills and Vital Blessing for that extra Health. - -
jdoggivjc Iowa Mostly RPGs (Diablo II for something like 8 years) but I also play some first person shooters, racing, and sports games Mesmer - after that it depends what I'm playing at the time "Don't worry. If Mhenlo can't resurrect you, I will." - Eve Sorceress, Barbarian, Paladin, Amazon
Minelle Sweden Varied Necro, probably followed by Paragon. - Amazon (think I had 3 or 4).
Phaeax Indiana, USA RPGs, console games Mesmer, although I used to do a lot of Monking around. - The Druid. Wait... I have to stop thinking about Diablo before I become re-addicted.
Revonoc Ohio RPG, FPS, RTS Warrior. I enjoy melee combat and being up front. "Necromancy's just another way of asking someone to stick with you. Whether they want to or not." Sorceress. I had one that was lvl 88 and could use ice orb to kill anything.
Silver Sheik East Coast RPGs, few FPS, random console games Elementalist or Monk "You're going down silent clown!" -
Peragon Hanchmen California, USA RPGs, Fighting, Adventure, Racing, Strategy, FPSs, TPSs, SRPGs Assassin