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Tough Older Gamers [TOG][edit]

Tough Older Gamers [TOG]
Guild Tough Older Gamers cape.jpg
Territory Australia, Europe, North America, Africa, Philippines
Language English
Type PvE
No. of members <5
VoIP TeamSpeak

Formerly a part of The Older Gamers alliance, a multi-game clan with an established worldwide player base consisting primarily of North American, European, and Australian members. It was to be TOG's Hard Mode guild. Due to lack of interest in a separate HM guild, however, Tough has been removed from the alliance and its members moved back to the other five guilds. Its fate is currently being decided.


TOG is always accepting new members. The Older Gamers are members of a community for people that still enjoy playing computer games, but are in a bit of an older age bracket (25+) than the stereotypical gamer. Our rules are strict but simple, as we adhere to a high standard of fair and respectful gaming, detailed in our AUP and FAQ on-site.

No faction farming or grouping is required, but is welcomed. Everyone is free to play the game as they see fit within the rules of fair gaming. Optional cross-guild events are offered monthly by the leadership and members are welcome to create and lead events as well.

Contact information[edit]

To contact TOG, anyone (whether of minimum TOG age or not) may register as a general user and post a question or comment in the Contact TOG forum at community website. To join the guild, you must be 25 years of age or older and agree to our standard rules. Detailed instructions can be found by clicking the "Join TOG" button at the top of the community website.


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