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Collectors project

This project is aimed at creating and maintaining collector articles and ensuring that the proper style and formatting is used.



  • Use Category:Collectors to find the existing (and properly categorised) collector articles. Alternatively, browse through Category:NPC stubs to find collector articles with missing information.
  • Fill out any missing sections (such as dialogue or location).
  • Make any corrections to the NPC infobox parameters (level or species may be incorrect).
  • Capture images of the collector (see Guild Wars Wiki:Formatting/Images for guidelines on screen capture).
  • Add {{NPC location}} template for auto-categorization.
  • Add linking to collector sub-pages when required (for example some subpages don't have attributes or damage type wiki-linked).
  • Add {{npc-stub}} to any articles missing sections.
  • Add {{image needed}} to articles missing an image (add the parameter "map" if the image missing is a map).
  • Double check armor collector information - headgear may have energy +1 and some information has obviously been taken from Guildwiki and is out of date.

To do list[edit]

  • Armor collector subpages have [[Armor rating|AR]] as a table heading. This can be changed to [[AR]].