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Community pages

This project is designed to keep the different sections of the Community pages updated.

How the project works[edit]

Below you'll see a list of different tasks that will need to be done on the community pages.

Periodical tasks needed to keep the content of the pages updated will be marked with a Project repeat.png icon. Below these tasks always list the last time they were updated, so other editors can check whether an update is needed at any time without needing to check each page manually.

One-time tasks will be marked with a Project task.png icon. Make sure to strike these out once they are completed, or to make a note that you are working on it, to avoid overlapping work with someone else.

Community pages[edit]

Community portal[edit]

  • Update the topics, remove any stalled/completed discussions, add new and active ones. Project repeat.png


  • No current tasks.


  • No current tasks.


  • No current tasks.


  • The index is still sorely lacking on needed content. See next subsection. Project task.png

Categories to be added[edit]

If you add any of the categories below to the Categorical index, remove it from this list.

Requests for comment[edit]

  • No current tasks.