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Requests for comment

Requests for comment are for assisting editors in gathering further input on any wiki matter. This can be useful in generating discussion, resolving disputes, or reaching consensus. All editors are welcome to assist with a request by responding within the linked talk page. Remember that Guild Wars Wiki operates on a system of consensus rather than voting, and explaining your reasoning can generally be more helpful than simply supporting one side of a dispute.

To create a new request: add an item to the top of the list below, providing a brief, neutral summary of the issue and linking to an appropriate talk page section, without using alternative text for the link.

Requests for comment[edit]

Discussion on linking to third-party content on the wiki. Added 21:40, 30 June 2023 (UTC)
Discussion on how to improve skill navigation. Added 07:44, Hune 11 2016 (UTC)
Looking to extend the blocks of some common spambot ranges to infinite blocks, based on the company that owns them. Added: 4 May 2015
A large number of spambot accounts are being created each day. How would the community feel about the disabling of account creation? (this change would not affect existing users, and need not affect anonymous contributions either) Added: 12 May 2013
Users can view a skill table specific to their needs when creating builds, especially regarding skill types, skill effects, and other information. Skills are already well-categorized, so this would simply make better use of those categories.
Should we update {{anomaly}} and {{bug}} to (a) auto-categorize anomalies and bugs so that (b) it's easier for ANet to see easy-fixes (without people having to post both here and on the official forums)? Added: 6 March 2012
The skill progression template suffers from a workaround for a browser bug from 2007. Getting rid of the workaround would allow us to improve the template. Added: 20 February 2012
Got an article that you love? Has it been featured? if yes to the first and no to the second please come nominate it!