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Icon Name Skill history Page
Crippling Anthem.jpg Crippling Anthem No Crippling Anthem/Skill history
Godspeed.jpg Godspeed No Godspeed/Skill history
Anthem of Guidance.jpg Anthem of Guidance No Anthem of Guidance/Skill history
"Brace Yourself!".jpg "Brace Yourself!" No "Brace Yourself!"/Skill history
"Can't Touch This!".jpg "Can't Touch This!" No "Can't Touch This!"/Skill history
"Never Give Up!".jpg "Never Give Up!" No "Never Give Up!"/Skill history
"Help Me!".jpg "Help Me!" No "Help Me!"/Skill history
Anthem of Envy.jpg Anthem of Envy No Anthem of Envy/Skill history
"Never Surrender!".jpg "Never Surrender!" No "Never Surrender!"/Skill history
"Make Haste!".jpg "Make Haste!" No "Make Haste!"/Skill history
"Find Their Weakness!".jpg "Find Their Weakness!" No "Find Their Weakness!"/Skill history
"Fall Back!".jpg "Fall Back!" No "Fall Back!"/Skill history
Anthem of Weariness.jpg Anthem of Weariness No Anthem of Weariness/Skill history
"Go for the Eyes!".jpg "Go for the Eyes!" No "Go for the Eyes!"/Skill history
"Stand Your Ground!".jpg "Stand Your Ground!" No "Stand Your Ground!"/Skill history
Anthem of Disruption.jpg Anthem of Disruption No Anthem of Disruption/Skill history
"Never Surrender!" (PvP).jpg "Never Surrender!" (PvP) No "Never Surrender!" (PvP)/Skill history
"Incoming!" (PvP).jpg "Incoming!" (PvP) No "Incoming!" (PvP)/Skill history
Bladeturn Refrain.jpg Bladeturn Refrain No Bladeturn Refrain/Skill history
"Incoming!".jpg "Incoming!" No "Incoming!"/Skill history
"Help Me!" (PvP).jpg "Help Me!" (PvP) No "Help Me!" (PvP)/Skill history
"Brace Yourself!" (PvP).jpg "Brace Yourself!" (PvP) No "Brace Yourself!" (PvP)/Skill history
"Find Their Weakness!" (PvP).jpg "Find Their Weakness!" (PvP) No "Find Their Weakness!" (PvP)/Skill history
Bladeturn Refrain (PvP).jpg Bladeturn Refrain (PvP) No Bladeturn Refrain (PvP)/Skill history
"Can't Touch This!" (PvP).jpg "Can't Touch This!" (PvP) No "Can't Touch This!" (PvP)/Skill history
"Fall Back!" (PvP).jpg "Fall Back!" (PvP) No "Fall Back!" (PvP)/Skill history
"Go for the Eyes!" (PvP).jpg "Go for the Eyes!" (PvP) No "Go for the Eyes!" (PvP)/Skill history
"Never Give Up!" (PvP).jpg "Never Give Up!" (PvP) No "Never Give Up!" (PvP)/Skill history
"Stand Your Ground!" (PvP).jpg "Stand Your Ground!" (PvP) No "Stand Your Ground!" (PvP)/Skill history
Anthem of Disruption (PvP).jpg Anthem of Disruption (PvP) No Anthem of Disruption (PvP)/Skill history
"We Shall Return!".jpg "We Shall Return!" No "We Shall Return!"/Skill history
"We Shall Return!" (PvP).jpg "We Shall Return!" (PvP) No "We Shall Return!" (PvP)/Skill history
Anthem of Envy (PvP).jpg Anthem of Envy (PvP) No Anthem of Envy (PvP)/Skill history