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Icon Name Animation File
Deflect Arrows.jpg Deflect Arrows No Image:Deflect Arrows animation.gif
Shield Stance.jpg Shield Stance No Image:Shield Stance animation.gif
Deadly Riposte.jpg Deadly Riposte No Image:Deadly Riposte animation.gif
Bonetti's Defense.jpg Bonetti's Defense No Image:Bonetti's Defense animation.gif
Gladiator's Defense.jpg Gladiator's Defense No Image:Gladiator's Defense animation.gif
Healing Signet.jpg Healing Signet No Image:Healing Signet animation.gif
Shove.jpg Shove No Image:Shove animation.gif
Wary Stance.jpg Wary Stance No Image:Wary Stance animation.gif
Drunken Blow.jpg Drunken Blow No Image:Drunken Blow animation.gif
Disciplined Stance.jpg Disciplined Stance No Image:Disciplined Stance animation.gif
Balanced Stance.jpg Balanced Stance No Image:Balanced Stance animation.gif
Soldier's Defense.jpg Soldier's Defense No Image:Soldier's Defense animation.gif
Thrill of Victory.jpg Thrill of Victory No Image:Thrill of Victory animation.gif
"None Shall Pass!".jpg "None Shall Pass!" No Image:"None Shall Pass!" animation.gif
"Retreat!".jpg "Retreat!" No Image:"Retreat!" animation.gif
Soldier's Strike.jpg Soldier's Strike No Image:Soldier's Strike animation.gif
Riposte.jpg Riposte No Image:Riposte animation.gif
Defensive Stance.jpg Defensive Stance No Image:Defensive Stance animation.gif
Desperation Blow.jpg Desperation Blow No Image:Desperation Blow animation.gif
Soldier's Speed.jpg Soldier's Speed No Image:Soldier's Speed animation.gif
Protector's Defense.jpg Protector's Defense No Image:Protector's Defense animation.gif
Steady Stance.jpg Steady Stance No Image:Steady Stance animation.gif
"Watch Yourself!" (PvP).jpg "Watch Yourself!" (PvP) No Image:"Watch Yourself!" (PvP) animation.gif
Soldier's Stance.jpg Soldier's Stance No Image:Soldier's Stance animation.gif
Auspicious Parry.jpg Auspicious Parry No Image:Auspicious Parry animation.gif
"To the Limit!".jpg "To the Limit!" No Image:"To the Limit!" animation.gif
"Watch Yourself!".jpg "Watch Yourself!" No Image:"Watch Yourself!" animation.gif
Soldier's Stance (PvP).jpg Soldier's Stance (PvP) No Image:Soldier's Stance (PvP) animation.gif
"Shields Up!".jpg "Shields Up!" No Image:"Shields Up!" animation.gif
"Fear Me!".jpg "Fear Me!" No Image:"Fear Me!" animation.gif
"Victory Is Mine!".jpg "Victory Is Mine!" No Image:"Victory Is Mine!" animation.gif
"Charge!".jpg "Charge!" No Image:"Charge!" animation.gif
Healing Signet (Turai Ossa).jpg Healing Signet (Turai Ossa) No Image:Healing Signet (Turai Ossa) animation.gif