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Icon Name Animation File
Mystic Twister.jpg Mystic Twister Yes Image:Mystic Twister animation.gif
Mystic Healing.jpg Mystic Healing Yes Image:Mystic Healing animation.gif
Rending Aura.jpg Rending Aura Yes Image:Rending Aura animation.gif
Harrier's Haste.jpg Harrier's Haste Yes Image:Harrier's Haste animation.gif
Natural Healing.jpg Natural Healing Yes Image:Natural Healing animation.gif
Dwayna's Touch.jpg Dwayna's Touch Yes Image:Dwayna's Touch animation.gif
Grenth's Fingers.jpg Grenth's Fingers Yes Image:Grenth's Fingers animation.gif
Harrier's Grasp.jpg Harrier's Grasp Yes Image:Harrier's Grasp animation.gif
Test of Faith.jpg Test of Faith Yes Image:Test of Faith animation.gif
Whirling Charge.jpg Whirling Charge No Image:Whirling Charge animation.gif
Grenth's Grasp.jpg Grenth's Grasp Yes Image:Grenth's Grasp animation.gif
Zealous Vow.jpg Zealous Vow Yes Image:Zealous Vow animation.gif
Attacker's Insight.jpg Attacker's Insight Yes Image:Attacker's Insight animation.gif
Featherfoot Grace.jpg Featherfoot Grace Yes Image:Featherfoot Grace animation.gif
Guiding Hands.jpg Guiding Hands Yes Image:Guiding Hands animation.gif
Lyssa's Haste.jpg Lyssa's Haste Yes Image:Lyssa's Haste animation.gif
Pious Restoration.jpg Pious Restoration Yes Image:Pious Restoration animation.gif
Signet of Mystic Speed.jpg Signet of Mystic Speed Yes Image:Signet of Mystic Speed animation.gif
Signet of Pious Restraint.jpg Signet of Pious Restraint Yes Image:Signet of Pious Restraint animation.gif
Grenth's Aura.jpg Grenth's Aura Yes Image:Grenth's Aura animation.gif
Onslaught.jpg Onslaught Yes Image:Onslaught animation.gif
Winds of Disenchantment.jpg Winds of Disenchantment Yes Image:Winds of Disenchantment animation.gif
Signet of Pious Restraint (PvP).jpg Signet of Pious Restraint (PvP) No Image:Signet of Pious Restraint (PvP) animation.gif
Guiding Hands (PvP).jpg Guiding Hands (PvP) No Image:Guiding Hands (PvP) animation.gif
Mystic Healing (PvP).jpg Mystic Healing (PvP) No Image:Mystic Healing (PvP) animation.gif
Lyssa's Haste (PvP).jpg Lyssa's Haste (PvP) No Image:Lyssa's Haste (PvP) animation.gif
Onslaught (PvP).jpg Onslaught (PvP) No Image:Onslaught (PvP) animation.gif
Vow of Piety.jpg Vow of Piety Yes Image:Vow of Piety animation.gif