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I would assume that the assumption is not an assumption.

Looks like he just got you mixed up with MP47. Backsword 21:06, 6 December 2007 (UTC)

"The report of my decline is an exaggeration." ? - User HeWhoIsPale sig.PNG HeWhoIsPale 22:00, 6 December 2007 (UTC)

Kind of the same thing as I said to Tanaric. Try to be more active and more dedicated. — Eloc 04:38, 13 December 2007 (UTC)

i dont know why i voted against u, maybe cuz eloc did --Cursed Angel talk 01:39, 14 December 2007 (UTC)
Wow, good reason, lol. — Eloc 03:14, 14 December 2007 (UTC)

Conflict Resolution[edit]

I don't know you well enough to have specific question for you, so I will ask my general ones. Have you been involved in any conflicts with users? If so can you demonstrate or explain how you handled the situation? Would you describe yourself as a diplomatic user? How do you plan to excercise the role and responsibilities of a bureaucrat in ArbComm? 16:43, 11 December 2007 (UTC)

I'm pretty sure (someone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong) the only time I've come into conflict with another user was with User:Karlos. You can see what happened there in the Community Portal talk archive. I'm certainly not proud of the result (Karlos left the wiki a few days after), and the initial comment was probably ill-advised in hindsight, but I did try as best I could to calm the situation. Not exactly my finest moment on the wiki, but it's there to read.
As for diplomacy, I'll point you to Guild Wars Wiki talk:One-revert rule which has a rather lengthy discussion between myself, Rezyk, and Aiiane where I feel all three of us promoted compromise and worked with each other's concerns successfully. Feel free to also poke through diffs in the user talk namespace (or all the namespaces, if you care to) of Special:Contributions/Tanetris where I feel I've generally helped to promote diplomacy and compromise where I can.
If I become a bureaucrat, just as I am as a user, my primary concern would be the welfare of the wiki and the wiki community. I'm a firm believer in balance not by always staying in the middle but by also going into each side. There are times when it is necessary to be a strict hardass on people who step out of line, there are times when it is more important to be lenient and give people a chance, even a third or fourth chance (though not blindly), to reform and become a positive, as well as times for a more in-between response. I know that answer is vague, but I think it's important to take things on a case-by-case basis.
Hope that covers things. Follow-up or additional questions are always welcome. - Tanetris 21:02, 11 December 2007 (UTC)


So you're running to take over Dirigibles seat. I'd like to know what difference you would on the ArbComm so I'm wondering: What would have been different had it been you, rather than Dir, who was part of the arbitration in the last three cases. (1, 2 and 3.)



I don't really like your attitude or methodology. At all. You don't seem capable of making decisions, without bias interfering. Also, you refused to help me with even a simple question. How does this qualify you? o, right, it doesn't. Oh, and wait as I grab something to post. --Readem 23:59, 13 December 2007 (UTC)


All I wanted was to resolve a simple misunderstanding. I was accused of racism against Americans, and thus was banned from GWW. There is only two problems with this: *"American" is not technically an ethnicity *I am American myself This is ironic on multiple facets. When I asked politely to speak with Gares, they refused and responded with sarcasm. I actually respected Dirigible at one point, but not anymore unfortunately. The only administrator I approve of,, is now likely going to ban me once more. Thankfully, I have been on wiki for a while, and knew where to locate their addresses. Wish me luck, and hopefully I will be able to resolve my problem (which was blown way out of proportion).

Session Start: Thu Nov 29 17:31:45 2007

Session Ident: #gww

�03[17:31] * Now talking in #gww

�03[17:31] * Topic is '�6The Initial Unofficial Official Guild Wars Wiki channel: | <Anja> i hope you are tiny o.O <poke> I'm able to get very small�'

�03[17:31] * Set by ChanServ on Wed Nov 28 15:44:30

�01[17:31] <rEaDeM> Unban me please

�01[17:32] <rEaDeM> or I am going to be very upset

�01[17:32] <rEaDeM> What is Gares MSN?

�01[17:32] <rEaDeM> I need to know

�01[17:32] <rEaDeM> o, and before banning me

�01[17:32] <rEaDeM> please understand

�01[17:33] <rEaDeM> that American is not an ethnic category

�01[17:33] <rEaDeM> saying otherwise

�01[17:33] <rEaDeM> is fucking retarded

[17:34] <Skuld> and there is no such thing as an "african american" et al

�01[17:34] <rEaDeM> :/

�01[17:34] <rEaDeM> er...

�01[17:35] <rEaDeM> I want to speak with gares

�01[17:35] <rEaDeM> does anyone have his MSN?

[17:37] <Tanetris> Yes, but no one cares enough to give it to you.

[17:37] <Skuld> yes

[17:37] <Skuld> ^

�01[17:39] <rEaDeM> :/

�01[17:39] <rEaDeM> why?

�01[17:39] <rEaDeM> How was what I said racist?

�01[17:39] <rEaDeM> at all?

�01[17:39] <rEaDeM> plx

�01[17:40] <rEaDeM> explain

[17:40] <Skuld> deadly paradox is 15 energy wooo

�01[17:40] <rEaDeM> I knew that yesterday skuld

�01[17:40] <rEaDeM> when I was talking to izzy

�01[17:40] <rEaDeM> now plx, explain to me

�01[17:40] <rEaDeM> what was racist?

�01[17:40] <rEaDeM> How can I be racist, when I am in fact american?

�01[17:40] <rEaDeM> that makes no fucking sense

�01[17:40] <rEaDeM> at all

[17:43] <Binary> Excellent on deadly paradox

[17:44] <Skuld> shadow prison + clumsiness nerf too

[17:45] <Binary> shadow prison seemed pretty weak to me already

�01[17:46] <rEaDeM> :/

�01[17:46] <rEaDeM> no

[17:46] <Binary> buffed empathy

[17:46] <Binary> heh

[17:46] <Binary> oh wait, the elite

[17:46] <Binary> nevermind

[17:46] <Binary> was thinking of something else

[17:50] <mgrinshpon> lol@readem

[17:50] <mgrinshpon> Also, hey

�01[17:52] <rEaDeM> yea

�01[17:52] <rEaDeM> srsly

�01[17:52] <rEaDeM> I am going to speak with gares about this

[17:52] <mgrinshpon> Also, nice update except for the Shadow Prison one.

�01[17:52] <rEaDeM> Foreigners are better in every way. They are more fun to play with, generally have better attitudes, and don't run shit builds. In addition, they are not stuck-up, and tend to stick to themselves rather than start pointless arguments. There are about 30 people on this wiki (who contribute), who are not absolutely terrible at this game. The administrative staff (of this site) is questionable at best. I am an American. --Readem 23:50, 27 November 2007 (UTC)

[17:53] <Binary> I.

[17:53] <Binary> Am.

�01[17:53] <rEaDeM> anyone see the irony el o el?

[17:53] <Binary> American!!!1

�01[17:55] <rEaDeM> I find my ban quite humorous, and will bring it up in countless future discussions for lulz

�01[17:57] <rEaDeM> yea, seriously

�01[17:57] <rEaDeM> 2 week ban for being american

[17:57] <Skuld> you'll get over it

�01[17:57] <rEaDeM> no

�01[17:57] <rEaDeM> I don't get over things well

�01[17:57] <rEaDeM> I usually blow them way out of proportion

[17:58] <Skuld> sux2bU then

�01[17:58] <rEaDeM> lulz

[17:58] <Binary> so

�01[17:58] <rEaDeM> yea

[17:58] <Binary> don't this time?

�01[17:58] <rEaDeM> I will

�02[17:58] * Skuld (~t@Skuld.user.gamesurge) Quit (Quit�)

�01[17:58] <rEaDeM> Please, would you please give me his MSN?

�01[17:58] <rEaDeM> I would like to have a rational discussion

[17:59] <Tanetris> When have you demonstrated the ability to have a rational discussion?

�01[17:59] <rEaDeM> I am actually very good at it

�01[17:59] <rEaDeM> you would be surprised

�01[18:00] <rEaDeM> Now please

�01[18:00] <rEaDeM> he can always ignore me

�01[18:00] <rEaDeM> if he so chooses

�01[18:01] <rEaDeM> There are multiple ways in which to contact him, but I would like to resolve such a pointless honest mistake

�01[18:02] <rEaDeM> in the least possible time

�01[18:03] <rEaDeM> =(

�01[18:04] <rEaDeM> This is just another thing to add to my category, of why the Admins of GWW are not reliable :/. Not even willing to help me resolve a simple problem. Even though it would only take a few seconds of their time. Truly, if you are not here to help, what is your purpose?

�01[18:05] <rEaDeM> Am I missing something?

�01[18:06] <rEaDeM> Tanetris, why do you idle in IRC?

�01[18:06] <rEaDeM> You could be helping the wiki

�01[18:06] <rEaDeM> users

�01[18:06] <rEaDeM> helping dictate policy

�01[18:06] <rEaDeM> but rather

�01[18:06] <rEaDeM> you choose to make sarcastic remarks

�01[18:06] <rEaDeM> you could simply have given me the address, and I would have taken care of business

[18:07] <Tanetris> I do both

�01[18:07] <rEaDeM> when?

�01[18:07] <rEaDeM> I sincerely doubt this fact

�01[18:07] <rEaDeM> merely because your opinion is highly biased

�01[18:08] <rEaDeM> I am not sure if I can be any more cordial with you Tanetris

�01[18:08] <rEaDeM> I asked as politely as possible

�01[18:09] <rEaDeM> to be able to speak

�01[18:09] <rEaDeM> to gares

�01[18:09] <rEaDeM> and fix a simple misunderstanding

�01[18:09] <rEaDeM> perhaps resolve some issues

�01[18:09] <rEaDeM> but rather, you choose to be difficult?

�01[18:09] <rEaDeM> why is this?

�01[18:11] <rEaDeM> disappointing

�06[18:12] * Dir is spamming Spectral Agony

�01[18:13] <rEaDeM> Dirig

[18:13] <Dir> I don't care

[18:13] <Dir> so don't start

�01[18:13] <rEaDeM> would you please be so kind, as to give me the address of gares

�01[18:13] <rEaDeM> :/

�01[18:13] <rEaDeM> guess I'll have to ask Auron of Entropy :/

�01[18:14] <rEaDeM> Going to word this for future reference, hope you guys don't mind ;)

�01[18:14] <rEaDeM> lata

�01[18:15] <rEaDeM> actually, that would be pointless

[18:16] <Dir> !b readem fuck off with your threats.

�03[18:16] * ChanServ sets mode: +b *!*

[18:16] <Dir> !k readem

�03[18:16] * You were kicked by ChanServ ((Dir) Bye.�)

Session Close: Thu Nov 29 18:16:41 2007

And this is why you shouldn't be a Bcrat. --Readem 00:06, 14 December 2007 (UTC)

What you wanted was not to resolve a misunderstanding. Neither of you misunderstood the other. It was a difference in opinion on the scope of the policies cited and the definition of "ethnicity". You wanted a chance to persuade Gares that you're right. And I have no particular problem with that. I'm certainly don't screen Gares' calls, but I don't forward them either. Gares' contact information is his to make precisely as available or as unavailable as he does. As it happens, he has a link on his user page to the list of his IM addresses on GuildWiki, and there's always the "E-mail this user" option. They were freely available to you without having to throw yourself on the mercy of IRC.
So why didn't I just point you there? Well,
  • the information wasn't mine to hand out,
  • you basically demanded the information, and I don't generally do favors for people who are making demands, even if they eventually switch to asking politely later,
  • I don't like supporting the clear laziness you were displaying by not even glancing at his userpage for the information, and
  • I was busy at the time. Just because I'm on IRC doesn't mean it has my full or even a significant part of my attention.
If you feel this makes me a poor candidate for bureaucrat, it's your vote to do with as you please. And for the record (and I mean this sincerely), thank you for providing a thorough reasoning for your vote. - Tanetris 01:27, 14 December 2007 (UTC)
He lies. His secret irc cabal is out to get you! Run for your lives people! WON'T SOMEBODY THINK OF THE CHILDREN!! 01:34, 14 December 2007 (UTC)

This I find difficult to believe, for the following reasons:

  • I found his MSN link. I actually remember Skuld creating that chart :/.
  • A mere "Look at his User Page" would have been excellent :/.
  • If he finds no problem handing out his information (Gares), there is no one restricting you from doing the same.
  • I don't use GWW for besides Skill balance. If you had bothered to check, I did leave a note on his GW talk page.
  • It wasn't a demand difficult to satisfy. Simple as typing one sentence.
  • How busy were you? Obviously you had enough time to respond, and be on the computer.
  • I do not do anything without my intent being clear. Unless I say specifically that I demand something, usually I am just asking in a cordial fashion.
  • Gl w/ future campaigning, perhaps I will change my opinion of you in the future.

--Readem 05:38, 14 December 2007 (UTC)

Just looked, and I concede your point that you clearly went to his GuildWiki userpage, where the link to his contact info is much less prominent. It's in the third note under Bio, but I probably would've missed it there too. I apologize for the laziness comment. - Tanetris 17:17, 14 December 2007 (UTC)

So Tanetris not giving a shit about your whining makes him unfit to be a Bureaucrat? I'm not following your reasoning here, Readem. Copy pasting entire walls of IRC text that show you whining for pages then threatening everyone in the room (and subsequently being kicked for it) doesn't support your claim at all; on the contrary, it shows your claim is rather frivolous. -Auron 12:37, 15 December 2007 (UTC)

Who did I threaten Auron? When did saving a conversation (for epic lulz), suddenly become a crime? I only know so much of Taneric. My expierience with him/her is limited (and a great deal of it was bad). I want to know more before voting; is that so wrong of me? The above IRC passage, was merely an example. Is it because I am disliked as a user, that I did not recieve a response? Or does such a thing occur on a more frequent basis? I apoligize Auron, if you don't understand the reasoning behind such a post. Also, as a side note, I would like to add that I respect Taneric for sticking by his comments on IRC (rather than becoming defensive, as many would do). It shows character. --Readem 00:39, 16 December 2007 (UTC)
Uhh... who is "Taneric" again? If you're going to be arrogant about spelling, at least do it right yourself. -Auron 02:25, 16 December 2007 (UTC)
I apologize for spelling someone's name incorrectly. Tanaric and Tanetris are very close, and I do not associate with either of them on a regular basis. "ups, guess im just bad?" Also, when did you care about such things Auron? PvX slower than usual? Guild Wiki finally dead? --Readem 06:20, 16 December 2007 (UTC)
No, it's mostly my dislike of seeing fallacious arguments. I still don't know which person you're talking about, but do try to be more careful before ragging on others about typos. -Auron 09:12, 16 December 2007 (UTC)
Agreed with Auron. Clear my (misspelled) name. —Tanaric 07:35, 18 December 2007 (UTC)