Loose Rock

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Loose Rock
Loose Rock.jpg
Type Interactive object
Campaign Nightfall

The Loose Rock is located in Fahranur, The First City during the A Perplexing Plague quest.




"You move the loose rock and push away some of the dirt to find a hastily scribbled note. It reads:
"I leave this note in hopes that it will survive the destruction of our land. By the time you read this, my friend, I will have fled the city. The danger here is too great. I hope your ship arrived before the chaos here closed the port. I will bring your wife and son with me to the old farm where we grew up in Zehlon Reach. Fear not, they will be safe there. Whatever you do, my friend, do not eat or drink while in the city... I fear the plague is spreading through the food.
I hope to see you soon.
- Yomindhe"