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This page compares the current date to some specified event date ranges, and if they match, it displays a relevant featured page. Otherwise it selects a random featured article each week.

The page that should be displaying below is: Dragon Arena

Dragon Arena map.jpg

The Dragon Arena is a PvP arena set in a modified version of the Imperial Isle guild hall that is accessible only during Shing Jea Boardwalk events by talking to Captain Li Sah.

The game format resembles dodgeball as all players, regardless of profession, are equipped with a skillset that allows them to throw a "ball" and run quickly to dodge their opponents' balls. All life and armor is also standardized through the environment effect Spirit of the Festival, and dead players are resurrected at a shrine every 30 seconds. Teams consist of 6 randomly chosen players, and to win a team must accumulate 20 kills before its opponent. In case of a tie, both teams lose… Read more.