Nights Of The Mini Pets 08

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Just a few minis being given out!

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Event Summary

The wind blew cold and the grounds of Lion's Arch felt as though death its self might come riding in at any moment. The ghosts and ghouls were all hanging around, waiting for the Arrival of the Mad King Thorn. Tricks are what they expected, but treats is what everyone received, for instead of just the Mad King Thorn a whole group appeared on the scene as if they were the Santas' of Halloween! From Daniel Frozenwind and Mad Queen Malafide to Wolfie of Blade Radio, a group of gift givers appeared to assist in the Halloween festivities. For as they thought, "why just settle for one treat when you can give many more treats to everyone". So with their appearance, Nights of The Mini Pets took off! For 3 days over 500 minis were to be given out to everyone in Lion's Arch International Districts, as they partied and jammed out to the sound of the Dj's playing music on air. During Halloween as Nights Of The Mini Pets starts warming up, The King and Queen will go about with their jokes, tricks and treats, passing out everything from bone dragon(s) to gold. So as the ghosts and ghouls try to win those treats, will you join in the festivities or go will you go for the normal tricks? Time to pull out those costumes and get to the party!

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The Give Aways

So basically we have a lot to give out. Over 700 mini pets to give out. Currently 55 out of the 66 types released. A Sundering Crystalline Sword of Fortitude, An Amethyst Aegis of Fortitude, A Celestial Compass of Fortitude and At least 100k on October 31st. Don't forget about the Video Contest that is being done in conjunction with the [Rain] Alliance!

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It was a great event! I will add screen shots later. XD I have 9,000 to go through and pick the good ones for you guys! Thank you for everyone who showed up and helped! To see a list of the winners --- > Nights Of The Mini Pets - Winners and other credits We gave out over 700 mini pets and at least 800k in solid gold. Thats not including other random items we gave out. ^_^

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How You Can Help

Tuning in and supporting your favorite dj is a good way to help. Your welcome to donate towards the event, whether in minis or in other items. Dedicated or undedicated minis are welcome, we will find a home for all of them. ^_^ Your also welcome to help get the word out about the event. Everyone is invited. The last way to help is to come tune in, party out and have fun!

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People You Can Contact

If you're interested in donating or you would like more information, please contact "Dj Tesla" in game.

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Schedule: 10-30-08 -- 11-1-08

October 30th: Schedule

October 31st: Schedule

November 1st: Coming Soon! < -- never got to put it up XD Sorry you guys. It was similar to the 30ths though.

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Other Events Going On

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