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The wind blew an ice cold breeze as the decorations for the yearly arrival of the Mad King Thorn were placed up. Lion's Arch looked like Grenth himself might appear and cause chaos. Tricks are what everyone expected, but treats is what everyone received. In between the King's a arrival a group of Halloween helpers appeared, giving out wonderful sweet treats all for free. This group was known as Blade Radio! Along with Blade Radio appeared the haunting of one of the most expected event coordinators', The King (Daniel Frozenwind) and the Queen (Queen Malafide). These people all taking charge of the Halloween cheer gave out gifts as though it were Wintersday instead of Halloween! As they all though, "why just settle for one treat when you can give many more treats to everyone".

— Blade Radio

User Tesla night logo.png

So with their appearance, Nights of The Mini Pets took off! Over the span of 4 days more than 1000 minis will be given out to everyone in Lion's Arch International Districts while people party out to great music and wait for the return of the great Mad King Thorn! During Halloween, as Nights Of The Mini Pets is warming up, The King and Queen will go about with their jokes, tricks and treats, passing out everything from gold to codes for Aion wings! So as the ghosts and ghouls try to win those treats, will you join in the festivities or go will you go for the normal tricks? Time to pull out those costumes and get to the party!

The Giveaways[edit]

  • Over 1000 Minis
  • Over 50k in hard cold gold
  • Unopened presents
  • Tonics, Sweets and fun other goodies!

Tune in to Blade Radio during the event for your chances to win!


  • Do you guys accept Dedicated and Undedicated minis?
  • Answer: Yes

  • Do you guys accept purples, greens, golds, tonics, tomes..etc as donations?
  • Answer: Yes. We are willing and happy to give out anything that is given to us.

((more to be added later))

How you can help[edit]

If your interested in helping or donating to the event, please contact "Dj Tesla" in game.

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October 29th: Lion's Arch International District 1

October 30th: Lion's Arch International District 1

October 31st: Lion's Arch International District 1

November 1st: Lion's Arch International District 1

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