Nights Of The Mini Pets 2010

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The wind blew an ice cold breeze as the decorations for the yearly arrival of the Mad King Thorn were placed up. Lion's Arch looked like Grenth himself might appear and create chaos. Tricks are what everyone expected, but treats is what everyone will receive. In between the King's appearances a group of Halloween helpers show up, giving out wonderful sweets and treats to all, for free. This group is known as Blade Radio! These people all taking charge of the Halloween cheer to give out gifts as though it were Wintersday instead of Halloween! As they all thought, "Why just settle for one treat when you can give many treats to everyone".

— Blade Radio

Image by Kelli

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The Giveaways

Bigger Prizes:

  • 4 Aion Wing Codes for Guild Wars
  • 2 Armbraces
  • Several Ectos

Smaller Prizes Unid Golds Greens Tonics/sweets/booze/Party Items Golds

Mini Pets ^.^

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  • Do you guys accept Dedicated and Undedicated minis?
  • Answer: Yes

  • Do you guys accept purples, greens, golds, tonics, tomes..etc as donations?
  • Answer: Yes. We are willing and happy to give out anything that is given to us.

((more to be added later))

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How You Can Help

If your interested in helping or donating to the event, please contact "Dj Kelli" in game, or any other DJ.

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Locations and days are subject to change.
October 29th: Lion's Arch International District 1

October 30th: Lion's Arch International District 1

October 31st: Lion's Arch International District 1-

  • On this Day we will be working with Mad Queen Malafide and her event Horrorween.

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Useful links

Miniature Aatxe.png Aatxe Yes 57   Miniature Evennia.png Evennia No x   Miniature Koss.png Koss Yes 25   Miniature Quetzal Sly.png Quetzal Sly Yes 5
Miniature Abomination.png Abomination Yes 10   Miniature Fire Drake.png Fire Drake Yes 3   Miniature Kuunavang.png Kuunavang No x   Miniature Raptor.png Raptor Yes 15
Miniature Abyssal.png Abyssal Yes 20   Miniature Fire Imp.png Fire Imp Yes 55   Miniature Kveldulf.png Kveldulf Yes 20   Miniature Roaring Ether.png Roaring Ether Yes 10
Miniature Asura.png Asura Yes 2   Miniature Flame Djinn.png Flame Djinn No x   Miniature Lich.png Lich Yes 4   Miniature Scourge Manta.png Scourge Manta No x
Miniature Black Beast of Aaaaarrrrrrggghhh.png Black Beast of
No x   Miniature Flowstone Elemental.png Flowstone Elemental Yes 1   Miniature Livia.png Livia No x   Miniature Seer.png Seer No x
Black Moa Chick.png Black Moa Chick Yes 7   Miniature Forest Minotaur.png Forest Minotaur Yes 15   Miniature Longhair Yeti.png Longhair Yeti No x   Miniature Shard Wolf.png Shard Wolf Yes 15
Miniature Bone Dragon.png Bone Dragon Yes 3   Miniature Freezie.png Freezie Yes 6   Miniature Mad King Thorn.png Mad King Thorn No x   Miniature Shiro.png Shiro Tagachi Yes 5
Brown Rabbit (miniature).png Brown Rabbit No x   Miniature Fungal Wallow.png Fungal Wallow Yes 55   Miniature Mad King's Guard.png Mad King's Guard No x   Miniature Shiro'ken Assassin.png Shiro'ken Assassin No x
Miniature Burning Titan.png Burning Titan Yes 43   Miniature Ghostly Hero.png Ghostly Hero No x   Miniature Mallyx.png Mallyx No x   Miniature Siege Devourer.png Siege Devourer Yes x
Miniature Candysmith Marley.png Candysmith Marley Yes 1   Miniature Grawl.png Grawl No x   Miniature Mandragor Imp.png Mandragor Imp Yes 35   Miniature Siege Turtle.png Siege Turtle Yes 58
Miniature Cave Spider.png Cave Spider Yes 22   Miniature Gray Giant.png Gray Giant No x   Miniature M.O.X..png M.O.X. No x   Miniature Smite Crawler.png Smite Crawler No x
Miniature Celestial Ox.png Celestial Ox Yes 4   Miniature Greased Lightning.png Greased Lightning No x   Miniature Mursaat.png Mursaat Yes 27   Miniature Summit Giant Herder.png Stone Summit
Giant Herder
Yes 2
Miniature Celestial Pig.png Celestial Pig No x   Miniature Gwen.png Gwen No x   Miniature Naga Raincaller.png Naga Raincaller No x   Miniature Temple Guardian.png Temple Guardian Yes 66
Miniature Celestial Rat.png Celestial Rat Yes 1   64px Gwen Doll No x   Miniature Necrid Horseman.png Necrid Horseman Yes 51   Miniature Terrorweb Dryder.png Terrorweb Dryder Yes 10
Miniature Celestial Tiger.png Celestial Tiger Yes 10   Miniature Harpy Ranger.png Harpy Ranger Yes 46   Miniature Nian.png Nian Yes 2   The Frog (miniature).png The Frog No x
Miniature Ceratadon.png Ceratadon Yes 1   Miniature Heket Warrior.png Heket Warrior Yes 57   Miniature Nornbear.png Nornbear Yes 5   Miniature Thorn Wolf.png Thorn Wolf Yes 30
Miniature Charr Shaman.png Charr Shaman Yes 31   Miniature Hydra.png Hydra Yes 60   Miniature Oni.png Oni No x   Miniature Varesh.png Varesh Yes 3
Miniature Cloudtouched Simian.png Cloudtouched
Yes 26   Miniature Irukandji.png Irukandji Yes 15   Miniature Oola.png Oola No x   Miniature Ventari.png Ventari No x
Miniature Cobalt Scabara.png Cobalt Scabara No x   Miniature Island Guardian.png Island Guardian No x   Miniature Ophil Nahualli.png Ophil Nahualli Yes 4   Miniature Vizu.png Vizu No x
Miniature Confessor Dorian.png Confessor Dorian No x   Miniature Jade Armor.png Jade Armor Yes 25   Miniature Ooze.png Ooze Yes 10   Miniature Water Djinn.png Water Djinn Yes 3
Miniature Confessor Isaiah.png Confessor Isaiah No x   Miniature Jora.png Jora Yes 1   Miniature Palawa Joko.png Palawa Joko Yes 27   Miniature Whiptail Devourer.png Whiptail Devourer Yes 30
Miniature Dagnar Stonepate.png Dagnar Stonepate Yes 2   Miniature Jungle Troll.png Jungle Troll Yes 29   Miniature Panda.png Panda No x   White Rabbit.png White Rabbit No x
Miniature Desert Griffon.png Desert Griffon Yes 3   Miniature Juggernaut.png Juggernaut Yes 39   Miniature Peacekeeper Enforcer.png Peacekeeper Enforcer No x   Miniature Wind Rider.png Wind Rider Yes 34
Miniature Destroyer of Flesh.png Destroyer of Flesh Yes 1   Miniature Kanaxai.png Kanaxai No x   Miniature Pig.png Pig Yes 3   Miniature Word of Madness.png Word of Madness Yes 10
Miniature Dhuum.png Dhuum No x   Miniature King Adelbern.png King Adelbern No x   Miniature Polar Bear.png Polar Bear No x   Miniature Yakkington.png Yakkington No x
Miniature Dredge Brute.png Dredge Brute Yes 24   Miniature Kirin.png Kirin Yes 29   Miniature Prince Rurik.png Rurik Yes 12   Miniature Zhed Shadowhoof.png Zhed No x
Miniature Eye of Janthir.png Eye of Janthir No x   Miniature Krait Neoss.png Krait Neoss Yes 4   Miniature Princess Salma.png Princess Salma No x   Miniature Zhu Hanuku.png Zhu Hanuku No x
Miniature Elf.png Elf Yes 15                              
Other Prizes
Birthday Present.jpg Birthday Present Yes 5   Candy Apple.png Candy Apple Yes 20   Candy Corn.png Candy Corn Yes 20   Ghost-in-the-Box.png Ghost-in-the-box Yes 500
Mysterious Tonic.png Tonics Yes 500   Trick-or-Treat Bag.png Trick-or-Treat Bag Yes 100   Vial of Absinthe.png Vial_of_Absinthe Yes 529   Witch's Brew.png Witch's Brew Yes 500
Eggnog.png Eggnog Yes 250   Hunter's Ale.png Hunter's Ale Yes 55   Dwarven Ale.png Dwarven Ale Yes 65   Hard Apple Cider.png Hard Apple Cider No x
Bottle of Juniberry Gin.png Bottle of Juniberry Gin No x   Bottle of Rice Wine.png Bottle of Rice Wine No x   Shamrock Ale.png Shamrock Ale Yes 7   Bottle of Vabbian Wine.png Bottle of Vabbian Wine No x
Zehtuka's Jug.png Zehtuka's Jug No x   Bottle of Grog.png Bottle of Grog Yes 250   Aged Dwarven Ale.png Aged Dwarven Ale Yes 30   Aged Hunter's Ale.png Aged Hunters Ale Yes 50
Flask of Firewater.png Flask of Firewater No x   Spiked Eggnog.png Spiked Eggnog Yes 250   Keg of Aged Hunter's Ale.png Keg of Aged Hunter's_Ale Yes 2   Krytan Brandy.png Krytan Brandy No x
Fruitcake.png Fruitcake No x   Golden Egg.png Golden Egg No x   Honeycomb.png Honeycomb No x   Mandragor Root Cake.png Mandragor Root Cake No x
Refined Jelly.png Refined Jelly No x   Slice of Pumpkin Pie.png Slice of Pumpkin Pie Yes 50   Sugary Blue Drink.png Sugary Blue Drink No x   Wintergreen Candy Cane.png Wintergreen Candy Cane No x
Rainbow Candy Cane.png Rainbow Candy Cane Yes 25   Peppermint Candy Cane.png Peppermint Candy Cane Yes 50   Birthday Cupcake.png Birthday Cupcake Yes 100   Chocolate Bunny.png Chocolate Bunny No x
Red Bean Cake.png Red Bean Cake No x   Jar of Honey.png Jar of Honey No x   Crème Brûlée.png Crème Brûlée No x   Krytan Lokum.png Krytan Lokum Yes 5
Green Rock Candy.png Green Rock Candy Yes 5   Blue Rock Candy.png Blue Rock Candy Yes 5   Red Rock Candy.png Red Rock Candy Yes 5   Armbrace of Truth.png Armbrace of Truth Yes 2
Small Bag of Gold.jpg Gold Yes 300,000