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Info-Logo.png Note: This article is geared towards new players.
Please keep its contents to those which new players can reasonably understand and use.

A permanent pre-Searing character (or "perma-pre" for short) is a dedicated roleplaying character that remains in Ascalon (pre-Searing) (the tutorial area of the Prophecies campaign) permanently.

Reasons for staying[edit]

Typically, people stay in pre-Searing longer than necessary for several reasons:

  • Because they prefer the smaller community.
  • To obtain the Legendary Defender of Ascalon title.
  • For nostalgia reasons (e.g. to enjoy the special flair and beauty of pre-Searing Ascalon or for a change of scenery and intensity from the rest of the game).
  • To recruit new players to guilds
  • Helping friends and guild members
  • To farm:


Perma pre-Searing characters have to deal with the restrictions and limitations of the tutorial area, most importantly:

  • There is no access to PvP in pre-Searing. (Your first opportunity via the Ascalon Academy requires that you have already committed your character to leaving the area.)
  • Only the core professions are available. Players cannot choose to be an Assassin, Dervish, Paragon, nor Ritualist in pre-Searing.
  • Your skill bar is extremely limited:
    • There are very few skills available per profession.
    • Once chosen, the secondary profession is fixed, as the character cannot Ascend.
    • The local skill trainer does not teach any skills other than those obtained via the local skill quests.
    • Your character will be unable to obtain 30 attribute points, since the relevant attribute quests are only available outside of pre-Searing.


  • Perma-pre characters often accumulate large collections of dye.
  • They also tend to accumulate significant wealth, as there are no significant gold sinks in pre-Searing and very limited items to trade.
    • Due to the above facts, Vials of Black Dye are commonly used as a form of secondary currency.
  • The only way to store items in pre-Searing is to create another character and either use that character to export some inventory to post-Searing or as alternative storage.
    • Many players frequently send these mules out on a regular basis, deleting and recreating their storage character as needed.
    • In order to transfer items, you will need the help of a friend, guild member, or your own secondary account.
  • Charr Salvage Kits (that drop only from the four Charr bosses) are the only tool available for salvaging weapon or armor upgrades.