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The mods in this section change the rendering of skill animations or the appearance of skill icons. You will need to download uMod or TexMod to apply these modifications.

All the High Resolution Skills[edit]

I did not make this! I found it at Incgamers, i just thought i'd post it here. This contains all the high resolution skills in one file. Its recommended that you use a mod to clean up the area around the skills. Glazed Interface works well.

Alternate Skill Icons[edit]

Changes 18 skills with new looks; using either beta versions of the skill icons or replacing with unimplemented skill icons. Cry of Furstration now looks like a monk skill. Check Sample for pics.

Black Paragon Wings[edit]

Changes the golden wings for paras on chants to black.

Enhanced Critical Hit[edit]

Enhances and enlarges the critical hit texture so you really know when you crit.

Enhanced Critical Hit Animation[edit]

It displays a 4-color "CRITICAL" animation instead of the normal circle animation. This will allow you to much more easily see when you deal/receive critical hits.

Guild Wars 2 Skills[edit]

Some skills take on the look they will have in guildwars2

High Resolution Skill Icons (Paragon)[edit]

Enhances the skill icons for Paragon so they contain much more detail. I couldn't wait for Shard to do the Paragon class so I did it myself. Each icon has been individually sharpened.

Resurrection Signet[edit]

Changes the Resurrection Signet.

Whirlwind Attack[edit]

Replaces the Whirlwind Attack icon with the original Whirlwind Attack icon.

White Paragon Wings[edit]

Changes the golden wings for paras on chants to white.