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Work in progress.

Fort Aspenwood[edit]

Purely based on how the map is setup, this arena is inherently imbalanced. Clearly has yet to hit the optimum balance point, in regards to turtle strength and kurzick defenses. It should be obvious all the kurzick npcs serve no purpose but to die by the siege turtle. Additionally, half the kurzick npcs at the beginning cannot respawn. Given new enchantment-removal of the siege attack, luxons merely have to keep the turtle alive to win. Whereas the kurzicks have no way to protecting gunther if there are siege turtles shooting at him, much less have any way to protect any other npcs. It would only take 2 competent monks to keep both turtles alive virtually indefinitely. Running amber only serves to delay the turtle by 10-15 seconds, and it becomes very difficult to run amber if it requires crossing the path of a turtle.

Ultimately, all npcs should be playing a critical role for both sides.

  • Fix the aggro of the luxon warriors guarding the turtle. Currently, they run back and forth to the kurzick attacker if the turtle is attacked at exactly spellcasting range (ie, an ele nuking the turtle)
  • Allow the luxon warrior guards to rush the gate when the turtle is in siege range of the gate.
  • Luxon warriors no longer have healing signet, but now have defensive stance and counter blow instead.
  • Purple/Orange commander now use barrage when facing a single-target enemy.
  • If Purple/Orange Luxon Commanders are killed, their respective turtle should halt forward movement, but can still fire at targets.
  • Green quarry amber should automatically repair all 5 gates if given to either gatekeeper, and give triple progress (6%) if given to gunther.
  • The non-respawning kurzick npcs should now respawn when their nearest gate is repaired. ie, 2mesmers 1 warrior between inner & outer gates respawn with a repaired outer gate, 2assassins behind inner gate respawn with a repaired inner gate, 2ranger 1ele 1 necro around the kurzick center warp respawn with green gate repaired or when both inner gates are repaired.
  • Kurzick elementalists now have armor of earth.
  • Kurzick mesmers now have empathy.
  • Kurzick assassins now have expose defenses, and use it first when aggro'ed.
  • Gatekeepers now have shield of regeneration, and use it on themselves when attacked.

Jade Quarry[edit]

Probably the biggest issue with JQ is that any shrine is easily captured due to the fact that the guarding npcs have less than 400 HP. N/A sac bombers almost always guarantee an instant shrine capture, and extremely fast resurrection allows them to repeat it with incredible efficiency. Smite monks with RoJ pack both easy-shrine breaking and durable self-healing/protection, making them the nearly perfect build for JQ. In both cases, other than directly healing the npcs, there is little chance of stopping them from capping the shrine.