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  • Happy Canthan New Year!
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About the Shop
  • This is where you can view the items I have for sale, and if you wish to purchace one of them, please contact me in-game.
  • Items that I sell go for in-game currency only, and hold no real-life monetary value under any circumstances.
  • I will try to update this as often as possible, please don't get angry at me if you wish to buy something and I have already sold it, but haven't updated it on here.
  • Some items will display a Out of Stock if I run out. In the case of me selling off a weapon (or certain other items) and it is not available, I will remove it's entry and replace it either with another item, or simply a To be Added.
Zaishen Key.png
Zaishen Key

Price: 5Platinum

# in Stock: 1

Description: Zaishen Keys open the Zaishen Chest on the Isle of the Nameless.

Tournament Token.png
Tournament Token

Price: 500Gold

# in Stock: 1

Description: A Tournament Token is used to register entry to Automated Tournaments. Five tokens are required to register for a GvG daily tournament. One token is required to register for a Hero Battles daily tournament.


Price: 1Platinum

# in Stock: Out of Stock

Description: Lockpicks are used to open locked chests in both normal and hard mode. While they are optional in normal mode, every locked chest in hard mode must be opened using a lockpick.

Winter Gift.png
Winter Gift

Price: 250Gold

# in Stock: 60

Description: Winter Gifts contain a random Wintersday item. If you are curious, please check here to see what you can get.

Wintersday Gift.png
Wintersday Gift

Price: 350Gold

# in Stock: 250

Description: The Wintersday Gifts have more varity of items you can recieve than the Winter Gift. If you are curious, please check here to see what you can get.

To be Added


# in Stock:


Weapons and Offhands
Lian's Lantern.png
Lian's Lantern

Price: 1Platinum

Rarity: Unique

  • Energy +12 (Requires 9 Fire Magic)
  • Fire Magic +1 (20% chance while using skills)
  • Health +30
Claws of the Broodmother.png
Claws of the Broodmother

Price: 575Gold

Rarity: Unique

  • Slashing damage 7-17 (Requires 9 Dagger Mastery)
  • Damage +15% (While health is above 50%)
  • Lengthens Poison duration on foes by 33% (Stacking)
  • Health +30
  • Both hands
To be Added