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Instead of removing rants and letting them sit in my userpage history, I'll put them here, because most of them have never been fixed - thanks to ANet being absolutely incompetent and focused on the wrong things one thing or another. These are listed in (generally) reverse chronological order.

  • RR - Red Resign day and hero baddles discussion. Also, hitler.
  • /Title "balance" - my take on this lackluster update.
  • /Fire magic - overpowered in most of PvP, with either high power, no recharge AoE spells that entire teams spike with or cheap, high damage spells that can be thrown into balanced and deliver literally thousands of damage each match.
  • /Factions, Hard Mode, and Buggy AI - all combine into one huge shitfest of aggravation and impossible scenarios
  • /Vamp Spirit Imbalance - Vampiric Spirit, Angorodon's gaze, etc, regardless of being meta in tombs and rolling rank 12+ teams and guild teams, is completely balanced? You've got to be fucking kidding me.
  • /EvIL Guild returns, and ArenaNet lies through their teeth about the circumstances regarding EvIL's departure and fails to mention their distress with the current state of balance (which is terrible, in case you missed it)
  • /July Monthly Tournament - a joke due to lag, ArenaNet didn't even acknowledge that lag was a problem, let alone address the issue or redo the tournament so guilds that got hosed by ArenaNet's failure to plan monthly events accordingly could have a fair chance to win
  • /Shitway - a single build that has been unnerfed throughout all of Guild Wars history. I'm not sure if ArenaNet is unable to see how imbalanced it is or just incapable of coming up with a solution to balance Soul Reaping healers, RaO thumpers and hexes.
  • /List of things that break the game. All but one of these are still not fixed, and I made the list half a year ago.
  • /ArenaNet's Community Relations failures - Andrew Patrick started a guru thread and claimed that he didn't have to take shit from anyone, and that ANet knew what they were doing. He also spouted a bunch of additional shit that was wrong, and he was beautifully countered by JR in this post (which has been removed from the guru thread by incompetent mods who would rather enjoy the taste of ANet's flaccid penis in their mouth than see ANet answer for their failures).

My rants not directly related to Guild Wars[edit]

Other folks' rants[edit]