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Happy Yeti Awareness Month!
Ignore the bitter of the mountains through a set of thick fur by drinking the tonic (or its everlasting counterpart) that gives you domain of the tundras and beyond.

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Everlasting Tonics
Everlasting Cerebral Tonic.png Cerebral Yes   Everlasting Searing Tonic.png Searing Yes   Everlasting Abyssal Tonic.png Abyssal Yes   Everlasting Unseen Tonic.png Unseen Yes
Everlasting Phantasmal Tonic.png Phantasmal No   Everlasting Automatonic.png Automatonic Yes   Everlasting Boreal Tonic.png Boreal Yes   Everlasting Trapdoor Tonic.png Trapdoor No
Everlasting Macabre Tonic.png Macabre Yes   Everlasting Skeletonic.png Skeletonic Yes   Everlasting Gelatinous Tonic.png Gelatinous No   Everlasting Abominable Tonic.png Abominable No
Everlasting Beetle Juice Tonic.png Beetle Juice No   Everlasting Cottontail Tonic.png Cottontail Yes   Everlasting Frosty Tonic.png Frosty No   Everlasting Mischievous Tonic.png Mischievous No
Everlasting Transmogrifier Tonic.png Transmogrifier No   Everlasting Sinister Automatonic.png Sinister No   Everlasting Yuletide Tonic.png Yuletide No   Everlasting Birthday Tonic.png Birthday Yes