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Happy Awakened Head Awareness Month!
Drop some dead weight by using the tonic (or its everlasting counterpart) that helps players think critically.
The saying is that two heads are better than one, but it don't specify bodies.

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      Zaishen Menagerie


      To-Do List
What I'm doing (Edit section)

  /Skills history project

  Miscellaneous work

     Ranger Skills       No Everlasting Birthday Tonics - miscellaneous linking.
      Yes Beast Mastery - All Skill histories. (Currently revising PvE/PvP skills)
      No Expertise
      No Marksmanship
      No Wilderness Survival
      Yes No attribute - All Skill histories. (Currently revising PvE/PvP skills)
      Yes PvE only - All Skill histories.
     Necromancer Skills
      Yes Blood Magic - Most Skill histories;
corrected Barbed Signet, Oppressive Gaze, Signet of Suffering.
      No Curses
      No Death Magic
      Yes Soul Reaping - Most Skill histories
corrected Angorodon's Gaze, Masochism (PvP).
      Yes No attribute - All Skill histories
      Yes PvE only - All Skill histories.
      No Fast Casting
      No Domination Magic
      No Illusion Magic
      No Inspiration Magic
      No No attribute
      No PvE only