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Icon Name Skill history Page
Antidote Signet.jpg Antidote Signet Yes Antidote Signet/Skill history
Called Shot.jpg Called Shot Yes Called Shot/Skill history
Dual Shot.jpg Dual Shot Yes Dual Shot/Skill history
Magebane Shot.jpg Magebane Shot Yes Magebane Shot/Skill history
Quick Shot.jpg Quick Shot Yes Quick Shot/Skill history
Storm's Embrace.jpg Storm's Embrace Yes Storm's Embrace/Skill history
Forked Arrow.jpg Forked Arrow Yes Forked Arrow/Skill history
Brutal Strike.jpg Brutal Strike Yes Brutal Strike/Skill history
Screaming Shot.jpg Screaming Shot No Screaming Shot/Skill history
Keen Arrow.jpg Keen Arrow No Keen Arrow/Skill history
Bestial Mauling.jpg Bestial Mauling Yes Bestial Mauling/Skill history
Power Shot.jpg Power Shot No Power Shot/Skill history
Hunter's Shot.jpg Hunter's Shot No Hunter's Shot/Skill history
Crossfire.jpg Crossfire No Crossfire/Skill history
Precision Shot.jpg Precision Shot No Precision Shot/Skill history
Barrage.jpg Barrage No Barrage/Skill history
Bestial Fury.jpg Bestial Fury Yes Bestial Fury/Skill history
Broad Head Arrow.jpg Broad Head Arrow No Broad Head Arrow/Skill history
Pin Down.jpg Pin Down No Pin Down/Skill history
Tiger's Fury.jpg Tiger's Fury Yes Tiger's Fury/Skill history
Comfort Animal.jpg Comfort Animal Yes Comfort Animal/Skill history
Favorable Winds.jpg Favorable Winds Yes Favorable Winds/Skill history
Burning Arrow.jpg Burning Arrow No Burning Arrow/Skill history
Determined Shot.jpg Determined Shot No Determined Shot/Skill history
Disrupting Accuracy.jpg Disrupting Accuracy No Disrupting Accuracy/Skill history
Charm Animal.jpg Charm Animal Yes Charm Animal/Skill history
Penetrating Attack.jpg Penetrating Attack No Penetrating Attack/Skill history
Troll Unguent.jpg Troll Unguent No Troll Unguent/Skill history
Ferocious Strike.jpg Ferocious Strike Yes Ferocious Strike/Skill history
Marauder's Shot.jpg Marauder's Shot No Marauder's Shot/Skill history
Concussion Shot.jpg Concussion Shot Yes Concussion Shot/Skill history
Crippling Shot.jpg Crippling Shot Yes Crippling Shot/Skill history
Needling Shot.jpg Needling Shot No Needling Shot/Skill history
Predator's Pounce.jpg Predator's Pounce Yes Predator's Pounce/Skill history
Focused Shot.jpg Focused Shot No Focused Shot/Skill history
Bestial Pounce.jpg Bestial Pounce Yes Bestial Pounce/Skill history
Arcing Shot.jpg Arcing Shot No Arcing Shot/Skill history
Prepared Shot.jpg Prepared Shot No Prepared Shot/Skill history
Heket's Rampage.jpg Heket's Rampage Yes Heket's Rampage/Skill history
Glass Arrows.jpg Glass Arrows No Glass Arrows/Skill history
Archer's Signet.jpg Archer's Signet Yes Archer's Signet/Skill history
Disrupting Lunge.jpg Disrupting Lunge Yes Disrupting Lunge/Skill history
Debilitating Shot.jpg Debilitating Shot Yes Debilitating Shot/Skill history
Call of Protection.jpg Call of Protection Yes Call of Protection/Skill history
Marksman's Wager.jpg Marksman's Wager No Marksman's Wager/Skill history
Pounce.jpg Pounce Yes Pounce/Skill history
Rampage as One.jpg Rampage as One Yes Rampage as One/Skill history
Predatory Bond.jpg Predatory Bond Yes Predatory Bond/Skill history
Snare.jpg Snare No Snare/Skill history
Call of Haste.jpg Call of Haste Yes Call of Haste/Skill history
Apply Poison.jpg Apply Poison No Apply Poison/Skill history
Splinter Shot.jpg Splinter Shot No Splinter Shot/Skill history
Expert's Dexterity.jpg Expert's Dexterity No Expert's Dexterity/Skill history
Escape.jpg Escape Yes Escape/Skill history
Heal as One.jpg Heal as One Yes Heal as One/Skill history
Smoke Trap.jpg Smoke Trap No Smoke Trap/Skill history
Energizing Wind.jpg Energizing Wind Yes Energizing Wind/Skill history
Incendiary Arrows.jpg Incendiary Arrows No Incendiary Arrows/Skill history
Trapper's Focus.jpg Trapper's Focus No Trapper's Focus/Skill history
Otyugh's Cry.jpg Otyugh's Cry Yes Otyugh's Cry/Skill history
Seeking Arrows.jpg Seeking Arrows No Seeking Arrows/Skill history
Greater Conflagration.jpg Greater Conflagration Yes Greater Conflagration/Skill history
Edge of Extinction.jpg Edge of Extinction Yes Edge of Extinction/Skill history
Lacerate.jpg Lacerate Yes Lacerate/Skill history
Melandru's Arrows.jpg Melandru's Arrows No Melandru's Arrows/Skill history
Savage Shot.jpg Savage Shot Yes Savage Shot/Skill history
Fertile Season.jpg Fertile Season Yes Fertile Season/Skill history
Enraged Lunge.jpg Enraged Lunge Yes Enraged Lunge/Skill history
Barbed Trap.jpg Barbed Trap No Barbed Trap/Skill history
Oath Shot.jpg Oath Shot No Oath Shot/Skill history
Feral Lunge.jpg Feral Lunge Yes Feral Lunge/Skill history
Read the Wind.jpg Read the Wind Yes Read the Wind/Skill history
Melandru's Resilience.jpg Melandru's Resilience No Melandru's Resilience/Skill history
Quicksand.jpg Quicksand No Quicksand/Skill history
Maiming Strike.jpg Maiming Strike Yes Maiming Strike/Skill history
Melandru's Shot.jpg Melandru's Shot No Melandru's Shot/Skill history
Barbed Arrows.jpg Barbed Arrows No Barbed Arrows/Skill history
Serpent's Quickness.jpg Serpent's Quickness No Serpent's Quickness/Skill history
Toxicity.jpg Toxicity Yes Toxicity/Skill history
Scavenger Strike.jpg Scavenger Strike Yes Scavenger Strike/Skill history
Trapper's Speed.jpg Trapper's Speed No Trapper's Speed/Skill history
Predatory Season.jpg Predatory Season Yes Predatory Season/Skill history
Storm Chaser.jpg Storm Chaser No Storm Chaser/Skill history
Winter.jpg Winter Yes Winter/Skill history
Tripwire.jpg Tripwire No Tripwire/Skill history
Run as One.jpg Run as One Yes Run as One/Skill history
Poison Arrow.jpg Poison Arrow No Poison Arrow/Skill history
Revive Animal.jpg Revive Animal Yes Revive Animal/Skill history
Whirling Defense.jpg Whirling Defense Yes Whirling Defense/Skill history
Frozen Soil.jpg Frozen Soil No Frozen Soil/Skill history
Conflagration.jpg Conflagration No Conflagration/Skill history
Roaring Winds.jpg Roaring Winds No Roaring Winds/Skill history
Dust Trap.jpg Dust Trap Yes Dust Trap/Skill history
Symbiosis.jpg Symbiosis Yes Symbiosis/Skill history
Ignite Arrows.jpg Ignite Arrows No Ignite Arrows/Skill history
Spike Trap.jpg Spike Trap No Spike Trap/Skill history
Throw Dirt.jpg Throw Dirt No Throw Dirt/Skill history
Strike as One.jpg Strike as One Yes Strike as One/Skill history
Zojun's Shot.jpg Zojun's Shot No Zojun's Shot/Skill history
Scavenger's Focus.jpg Scavenger's Focus No Scavenger's Focus/Skill history
Dryder's Defenses.jpg Dryder's Defenses No Dryder's Defenses/Skill history
Equinox.jpg Equinox No Equinox/Skill history
Punishing Shot.jpg Punishing Shot Yes Punishing Shot/Skill history
Symbiotic Bond.jpg Symbiotic Bond Yes Symbiotic Bond/Skill history
Pestilence.jpg Pestilence No Pestilence/Skill history
Savage Pounce.jpg Savage Pounce Yes Savage Pounce/Skill history
Kindle Arrows.jpg Kindle Arrows No Kindle Arrows/Skill history
Poisonous Bite.jpg Poisonous Bite Yes Poisonous Bite/Skill history
Flame Trap.jpg Flame Trap No Flame Trap/Skill history
Tranquility.jpg Tranquility No Tranquility/Skill history
Muddy Terrain.jpg Muddy Terrain Yes Muddy Terrain/Skill history
Choking Gas.jpg Choking Gas No Choking Gas/Skill history
Point Blank Shot.jpg Point Blank Shot Yes Point Blank Shot/Skill history
Healing Spring.jpg Healing Spring No Healing Spring/Skill history
Famine.jpg Famine No Famine/Skill history
Zojun's Haste.jpg Zojun's Haste No Zojun's Haste/Skill history
Quickening Zephyr.jpg Quickening Zephyr Yes Quickening Zephyr/Skill history
Lightning Reflexes.jpg Lightning Reflexes Yes Lightning Reflexes/Skill history
Nature's Renewal.jpg Nature's Renewal Yes Nature's Renewal/Skill history
Viper's Nest.jpg Viper's Nest Yes Viper's Nest/Skill history
Sundering Attack.jpg Sundering Attack No Sundering Attack/Skill history
Melandru's Assault.jpg Melandru's Assault Yes Melandru's Assault/Skill history
Natural Stride.jpg Natural Stride No Natural Stride/Skill history
Distracting Shot.jpg Distracting Shot Yes Distracting Shot/Skill history
Brambles.jpg Brambles No Brambles/Skill history
Dodge.jpg Dodge Yes Dodge/Skill history
Winnowing.jpg Winnowing Yes Winnowing/Skill history
Practiced Stance.jpg Practiced Stance No Practiced Stance/Skill history
Primal Echoes.jpg Primal Echoes Yes Primal Echoes/Skill history
Sloth Hunter's Shot.jpg Sloth Hunter's Shot No Sloth Hunter's Shot/Skill history
Triple Shot.jpg Triple Shot Yes Triple Shot/Skill history
Volley.jpg Volley No Volley/Skill history
Never Rampage Alone.jpg Never Rampage Alone Yes Never Rampage Alone/Skill history
Body Shot.jpg Body Shot No Body Shot/Skill history
Poison Tip Signet.jpg Poison Tip Signet No Poison Tip Signet/Skill history
Rapid Fire.jpg Rapid Fire No Rapid Fire/Skill history
Disrupting Shot.jpg Disrupting Shot No Disrupting Shot/Skill history
Piercing Trap.jpg Piercing Trap No Piercing Trap/Skill history
Expert Focus.jpg Expert Focus No Expert Focus/Skill history
Feral Aggression.jpg Feral Aggression Yes Feral Aggression/Skill history
Companionship.jpg Companionship Yes Companionship/Skill history
Penetrating Attack (PvP).jpg Penetrating Attack (PvP) No Penetrating Attack (PvP)/Skill history
Infuriating Heat.jpg Infuriating Heat No Infuriating Heat/Skill history
Sloth Hunter's Shot (PvP).jpg Sloth Hunter's Shot (PvP) No Sloth Hunter's Shot (PvP)/Skill history
Read the Wind (PvP).jpg Read the Wind (PvP) No Read the Wind (PvP)/Skill history
Comfort Animal (PvP).jpg Comfort Animal (PvP) Yes Comfort Animal (PvP)/Skill history
Predatory Bond (PvP).jpg Predatory Bond (PvP) Yes Predatory Bond (PvP)/Skill history
Keen Arrow (PvP).jpg Keen Arrow (PvP) No Keen Arrow (PvP)/Skill history
Enraged Lunge (PvP).jpg Enraged Lunge (PvP) Yes Enraged Lunge (PvP)/Skill history
Lightning Reflexes (PvP).jpg Lightning Reflexes (PvP) Yes Lightning Reflexes (PvP)/Skill history
Charm Animal (Codex).jpg Charm Animal (Codex) No Charm Animal (Codex)/Skill history
Call of Haste (PvP).jpg Call of Haste (PvP) Yes Call of Haste (PvP)/Skill history
Melandru's Assault (PvP).jpg Melandru's Assault (PvP) Yes Melandru's Assault (PvP)/Skill history
Sundering Attack (PvP).jpg Sundering Attack (PvP) No Sundering Attack (PvP)/Skill history
Escape (PvP).jpg Escape (PvP) No Escape (PvP)/Skill history
Glass Arrows (PvP).jpg Glass Arrows (PvP) No Glass Arrows (PvP)/Skill history
Expert's Dexterity (PvP).jpg Expert's Dexterity (PvP) No Expert's Dexterity (PvP)/Skill history
Heal as One (PvP).jpg Heal as One (PvP) Yes Heal as One (PvP)/Skill history