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Icon Name Skill history Page
Ignorance.jpg Ignorance Yes Ignorance/Skill history
Arcane Thievery.jpg Arcane Thievery No Arcane Thievery/Skill history
Chaos Storm.jpg Chaos Storm Yes Chaos Storm/Skill history
Diversion.jpg Diversion Yes Diversion/Skill history
Empathy.jpg Empathy No Empathy/Skill history
Energy Burn.jpg Energy Burn No Energy Burn/Skill history
Guilt.jpg Guilt Yes Guilt/Skill history
Arcane Larceny.jpg Arcane Larceny No Arcane Larceny/Skill history
Blackout.jpg Blackout Yes Blackout/Skill history
Enchanter's Conundrum.jpg Enchanter's Conundrum No Enchanter's Conundrum/Skill history
Hex Breaker.jpg Hex Breaker Yes Hex Breaker/Skill history
Energy Surge.jpg Energy Surge No Energy Surge/Skill history
Mind Wrack.jpg Mind Wrack No Mind Wrack/Skill history
Hex Eater Vortex.jpg Hex Eater Vortex No Hex Eater Vortex/Skill history
Mistrust.jpg Mistrust No Mistrust/Skill history
Panic.jpg Panic Yes Panic/Skill history
Price of Pride.jpg Price of Pride No Price of Pride/Skill history
Shame.jpg Shame Yes Shame/Skill history
Shatter Hex.jpg Shatter Hex Yes Shatter Hex/Skill history
Shatter Enchantment.jpg Shatter Enchantment Yes Shatter Enchantment/Skill history
Signet of Weariness.jpg Signet of Weariness Yes Signet of Weariness/Skill history
Spiritual Pain.jpg Spiritual Pain No Spiritual Pain/Skill history
Visions of Regret.jpg Visions of Regret No Visions of Regret/Skill history
Unnatural Signet.jpg Unnatural Signet Yes Unnatural Signet/Skill history
Wastrel's Demise.jpg Wastrel's Demise No Wastrel's Demise/Skill history
Complicate.jpg Complicate No Complicate/Skill history
Cry of Frustration.jpg Cry of Frustration Yes Cry of Frustration/Skill history
Overload.jpg Overload No Overload/Skill history
Power Flux.jpg Power Flux No Power Flux/Skill history
Power Block.jpg Power Block No Power Block/Skill history
Power Spike.jpg Power Spike No Power Spike/Skill history
Power Leak.jpg Power Leak No Power Leak/Skill history
Psychic Distraction.jpg Psychic Distraction No Psychic Distraction/Skill history
Signet of Disruption.jpg Signet of Disruption No Signet of Disruption/Skill history
Wastrel's Worry.jpg Wastrel's Worry No Wastrel's Worry/Skill history
Aneurysm.jpg Aneurysm No Aneurysm/Skill history
Signet of Distraction.jpg Signet of Distraction No Signet of Distraction/Skill history
Simple Thievery.jpg Simple Thievery No Simple Thievery/Skill history
Power Lock.jpg Power Lock No Power Lock/Skill history
Backfire.jpg Backfire No Backfire/Skill history
Empathy (PvP).jpg Empathy (PvP) No Empathy (PvP)/Skill history
Unnatural Signet (PvP).jpg Unnatural Signet (PvP) No Unnatural Signet (PvP)/Skill history
Mistrust (PvP).jpg Mistrust (PvP) No Mistrust (PvP)/Skill history
Spiritual Pain (PvP).jpg Spiritual Pain (PvP) No Spiritual Pain (PvP)/Skill history
Enchanter's Conundrum (PvP).jpg Enchanter's Conundrum (PvP) No Enchanter's Conundrum (PvP)/Skill history
Shatter Delusions (PvP).jpg Shatter Delusions (PvP) No Shatter Delusions (PvP)/Skill history
Visions of Regret (PvP).jpg Visions of Regret (PvP) No Visions of Regret (PvP)/Skill history
Unnatural Signet (Saul D'Alessio).jpg Unnatural Signet (Saul D'Alessio) No Unnatural Signet (Saul D'Alessio)/Skill history
Mind Wrack (PvP).jpg Mind Wrack (PvP) No Mind Wrack (PvP)/Skill history
Shatter Delusions.jpg Shatter Delusions No Shatter Delusions/Skill history