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Icon Name Skill history Page
Awaken the Blood.jpg Awaken the Blood Yes Awaken the Blood/Skill history
Barbed Signet.jpg Barbed Signet Yes Barbed Signet/Skill history
Blood Bond.jpg Blood Bond Yes Blood Bond/Skill history
Blood Drinker.jpg Blood Drinker Yes Blood Drinker/Skill history
Blood Renewal.jpg Blood Renewal Yes Blood Renewal/Skill history
Blood Ritual.jpg Blood Ritual Yes Blood Ritual/Skill history
Blood is Power.jpg Blood is Power Yes Blood is Power/Skill history
Blood of the Aggressor.jpg Blood of the Aggressor Yes Blood of the Aggressor/Skill history
Cultist's Fervor.jpg Cultist's Fervor Yes Cultist's Fervor/Skill history
Dark Bond.jpg Dark Bond Yes Dark Bond/Skill history
Dark Fury.jpg Dark Fury Yes Dark Fury/Skill history
Dark Pact.jpg Dark Pact Yes Dark Pact/Skill history
Demonic Flesh.jpg Demonic Flesh Yes Demonic Flesh/Skill history
Jaundiced Gaze.jpg Jaundiced Gaze Yes Jaundiced Gaze/Skill history
Life Siphon.jpg Life Siphon Yes Life Siphon/Skill history
Life Transfer.jpg Life Transfer Yes Life Transfer/Skill history
Lifebane Strike.jpg Lifebane Strike Yes Lifebane Strike/Skill history
Mark of Fury.jpg Mark of Fury Yes Mark of Fury/Skill history
Mark of Subversion.jpg Mark of Subversion Yes Mark of Subversion/Skill history
Offering of Blood.jpg Offering of Blood Yes Offering of Blood/Skill history
Oppressive Gaze.jpg Oppressive Gaze Yes Oppressive Gaze/Skill history
Order of Pain.jpg Order of Pain Yes Order of Pain/Skill history
Order of the Vampire.jpg Order of the Vampire Yes Order of the Vampire/Skill history
Ravenous Gaze.jpg Ravenous Gaze Yes Ravenous Gaze/Skill history
Shadow Strike.jpg Shadow Strike Yes Shadow Strike/Skill history
Signet of Agony.jpg Signet of Agony Yes Signet of Agony/Skill history
Signet of Agony (PvP).jpg Signet of Agony (PvP) Yes Signet of Agony (PvP)/Skill history
Signet of Suffering.jpg Signet of Suffering Yes Signet of Suffering/Skill history
Soul Leech.jpg Soul Leech Yes Soul Leech/Skill history
Spoil Victor.jpg Spoil Victor Yes Spoil Victor/Skill history
Spoil Victor (PvP).jpg Spoil Victor (PvP) Yes Spoil Victor (PvP)/Skill history
Strip Enchantment.jpg Strip Enchantment Yes Strip Enchantment/Skill history
Touch of Agony.jpg Touch of Agony Yes Touch of Agony/Skill history
Unholy Feast.jpg Unholy Feast Yes Unholy Feast/Skill history
Unholy Feast (PvP).jpg Unholy Feast (PvP) Yes Unholy Feast (PvP)/Skill history
Vampiric Bite.jpg Vampiric Bite Yes Vampiric Bite/Skill history
Vampiric Gaze.jpg Vampiric Gaze Yes Vampiric Gaze/Skill history
Vampiric Spirit.jpg Vampiric Spirit Yes Vampiric Spirit/Skill history
Vampiric Swarm.jpg Vampiric Swarm Yes Vampiric Swarm/Skill history
Vampiric Touch.jpg Vampiric Touch Yes Vampiric Touch/Skill history
Verata's Promise.jpg Verata's Promise Yes Verata's Promise/Skill history
Wallow's Bite.jpg Wallow's Bite Yes Wallow's Bite/Skill history
Well of Blood.jpg Well of Blood Yes Well of Blood/Skill history
Well of Power.jpg Well of Power Yes Well of Power/Skill history