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Icon Name Skill history Page
Putrid Explosion.jpg Putrid Explosion Yes Putrid Explosion/Skill history
Verata's Gaze.jpg Verata's Gaze No Verata's Gaze/Skill history
Vile Miasma.jpg Vile Miasma No Vile Miasma/Skill history
Necrotic Traversal.jpg Necrotic Traversal Yes Necrotic Traversal/Skill history
Tainted Flesh.jpg Tainted Flesh No Tainted Flesh/Skill history
Rotting Flesh.jpg Rotting Flesh No Rotting Flesh/Skill history
Virulence.jpg Virulence No Virulence/Skill history
Verata's Sacrifice.jpg Verata's Sacrifice Yes Verata's Sacrifice/Skill history
Discord.jpg Discord No Discord/Skill history
Jagged Bones.jpg Jagged Bones No Jagged Bones/Skill history
Order of Undeath.jpg Order of Undeath No Order of Undeath/Skill history
Toxic Chill.jpg Toxic Chill No Toxic Chill/Skill history
Blood of the Master.jpg Blood of the Master Yes Blood of the Master/Skill history
Malign Intervention.jpg Malign Intervention No Malign Intervention/Skill history
Deathly Swarm.jpg Deathly Swarm No Deathly Swarm/Skill history
Infuse Condition.jpg Infuse Condition Yes Infuse Condition/Skill history
Death Nova.jpg Death Nova No Death Nova/Skill history
Rising Bile.jpg Rising Bile No Rising Bile/Skill history
Fetid Ground.jpg Fetid Ground No Fetid Ground/Skill history
Soul Feast.jpg Soul Feast No Soul Feast/Skill history
Well of Suffering.jpg Well of Suffering Yes Well of Suffering/Skill history
Deathly Chill.jpg Deathly Chill Yes Deathly Chill/Skill history
Verata's Aura.jpg Verata's Aura Yes Verata's Aura/Skill history
Vile Touch.jpg Vile Touch Yes Vile Touch/Skill history
Putrid Flesh.jpg Putrid Flesh No Putrid Flesh/Skill history
Feast for the Dead.jpg Feast for the Dead No Feast for the Dead/Skill history
Taste of Pain.jpg Taste of Pain No Taste of Pain/Skill history
Taste of Death.jpg Taste of Death No Taste of Death/Skill history
Dark Aura.jpg Dark Aura No Dark Aura/Skill history
Withering Aura.jpg Withering Aura No Withering Aura/Skill history
Putrid Bile.jpg Putrid Bile No Putrid Bile/Skill history
Well of the Profane.jpg Well of the Profane Yes Well of the Profane/Skill history
Bitter Chill.jpg Bitter Chill No Bitter Chill/Skill history
Aura of the Lich.jpg Aura of the Lich Yes Aura of the Lich/Skill history
Animate Vampiric Horror.jpg Animate Vampiric Horror No Animate Vampiric Horror/Skill history
Animate Shambling Horror.jpg Animate Shambling Horror No Animate Shambling Horror/Skill history
Animate Flesh Golem.jpg Animate Flesh Golem No Animate Flesh Golem/Skill history
Animate Bone Minions.jpg Animate Bone Minions No Animate Bone Minions/Skill history
Animate Bone Horror.jpg Animate Bone Horror No Animate Bone Horror/Skill history
Animate Bone Fiend.jpg Animate Bone Fiend No Animate Bone Fiend/Skill history
Discord (PvP).jpg Discord (PvP) No Discord (PvP)/Skill history
Contagion.jpg Contagion No Contagion/Skill history
Consume Corpse.jpg Consume Corpse Yes Consume Corpse/Skill history