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Icon Name Skill history Page
Barrage.jpg Barrage No Barrage/Skill history
Screaming Shot.jpg Screaming Shot No Screaming Shot/Skill history
Arcing Shot.jpg Arcing Shot No Arcing Shot/Skill history
Disrupting Accuracy.jpg Disrupting Accuracy No Disrupting Accuracy/Skill history
Crossfire.jpg Crossfire No Crossfire/Skill history
Burning Arrow.jpg Burning Arrow No Burning Arrow/Skill history
Keen Arrow.jpg Keen Arrow No Keen Arrow/Skill history
Prepared Shot.jpg Prepared Shot No Prepared Shot/Skill history
Debilitating Shot.jpg Debilitating Shot Yes Debilitating Shot/Skill history
Broad Head Arrow.jpg Broad Head Arrow No Broad Head Arrow/Skill history
Concussion Shot.jpg Concussion Shot Yes Concussion Shot/Skill history
Melandru's Shot.jpg Melandru's Shot No Melandru's Shot/Skill history
Determined Shot.jpg Determined Shot No Determined Shot/Skill history
Favorable Winds.jpg Favorable Winds Yes Favorable Winds/Skill history
Focused Shot.jpg Focused Shot No Focused Shot/Skill history
Needling Shot.jpg Needling Shot No Needling Shot/Skill history
Penetrating Attack.jpg Penetrating Attack No Penetrating Attack/Skill history
Sundering Attack.jpg Sundering Attack No Sundering Attack/Skill history
Pin Down.jpg Pin Down No Pin Down/Skill history
Marauder's Shot.jpg Marauder's Shot No Marauder's Shot/Skill history
Punishing Shot.jpg Punishing Shot Yes Punishing Shot/Skill history
Read the Wind.jpg Read the Wind Yes Read the Wind/Skill history
Seeking Arrows.jpg Seeking Arrows No Seeking Arrows/Skill history
Savage Shot.jpg Savage Shot Yes Savage Shot/Skill history
Splinter Shot.jpg Splinter Shot No Splinter Shot/Skill history
Rapid Fire.jpg Rapid Fire No Rapid Fire/Skill history
Sloth Hunter's Shot.jpg Sloth Hunter's Shot No Sloth Hunter's Shot/Skill history
Body Shot.jpg Body Shot No Body Shot/Skill history
Disrupting Shot.jpg Disrupting Shot No Disrupting Shot/Skill history
Volley.jpg Volley No Volley/Skill history
Precision Shot.jpg Precision Shot No Precision Shot/Skill history
Penetrating Attack (PvP).jpg Penetrating Attack (PvP) No Penetrating Attack (PvP)/Skill history
Sundering Attack (PvP).jpg Sundering Attack (PvP) No Sundering Attack (PvP)/Skill history
Read the Wind (PvP).jpg Read the Wind (PvP) No Read the Wind (PvP)/Skill history
Sloth Hunter's Shot (PvP).jpg Sloth Hunter's Shot (PvP) No Sloth Hunter's Shot (PvP)/Skill history
Keen Arrow (PvP).jpg Keen Arrow (PvP) No Keen Arrow (PvP)/Skill history
Crippling Shot.jpg Crippling Shot Yes Crippling Shot/Skill history
Power Shot.jpg Power Shot No Power Shot/Skill history
Hunter's Shot.jpg Hunter's Shot No Hunter's Shot/Skill history