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I think its about time that I add something here so my user name doesn't come up red. There, now you can stop judging me and thinking things like "What kind of lazy person can't write a single word in his userpage, is he illiterate or something?"

Well I don't think anyone went to that extreme but it was really annoying me that I wasn't taking the time to write a small paragraph in here, so I guess it was me thinking that.

I am currently looking through help files and such to get a better understanding of wiki code. I'm gonna leave all my attempts at making user space more personal until I get something working, hopefully it will look like I'm making some progress. If anyone has any suggestions on which articles I should read first to to help me on my I'd love to hear about on my talk page.

My Characters[edit]

Falon Lambert Shar Drafen Lin Tesika Rose Selkin Sorin Orell Keira Janao Cronis Loukari Lloyd Tarnholm Darius Kinley Rivan Jinto
Elementalist Ranger Warrior Monk Assassin Paragon Dervish Necromancer Mesmer Ritualist
lvl 20 lvl 20 lvl 20 lvl 20 lvl 20 lvl 12 lvl 20 lvl 02 lvl 08 lvl 04

(This was my first attempt at making a table and experimenting with colouring.)

Shar Drafen Ranger/Mesmer

User Broodling67 Shar Drafen.jpg

  • Tyrian Master Cartographer
  • Protector of Tyria
  • Kurzrick Supporter
  • Sunspear Castellan
  • Elonian Pathfinder
  • Brave Lightbringer
  • Slayer of Beasts

(Second attempt at some sort of character display, a lot nicer if you ask me. Although I'm having trouble with getting additional information to sit where I want it too, I'll figure it out eventually give me some time.)

Ranger Elite Druid armor m.jpg Ranger Elite Luxon armor m.jpg Ranger Elite Sunspear armor m.jpg Ranger Monument armor m.jpg Ranger Obsidian armor m.jpg
Elite Druid Elite Luxon Elite Sunspear Monument Obsidian
Elementalist Elite Flameforged armor m.jpg Elementalist Elite Stoneforged armor m.jpg Elementalist Elite Luxon armor m.jpg Elementalist Elite Kurzick armor m.jpg Elementalist Vabbian armor m.jpg Elementalist Norn armor m.jpg
Elite Flameforged Elite Stoneforged Elite Luxon Elite Kurzick Vabbian Norn

(Armor skins I'm thinking about getting)

Ranger-faded-large.png This user is a Ranger by nature.
North America 70x40.png This user plays in the
North American territory.
User Gem harder PvE.png This user wants PvE to be balanced.