Elementalist Elite Kurzick armor

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Elementalist Elite Kurzick armor
Profession Elementalist Elementalist-tango-icon-20.png
Campaign Factions
PvP Elite Kurzick
PvP reward class Fancy
Elementalist Elite Kurzick armor f.jpg Elementalist Elite Kurzick armor m.jpg
Female gallery Male gallery

Elementalist Elite Kurzick armor is a prestige art type available in the Factions campaign.

The standard version of this armor is Elementalist Kurzick armor.

Location Armorer AR Cost Robes Gloves Leggings Shoes   Total cost
Vasburg Armory Giygas 60 15 Platinum 150 Bolt(s) of Cloth
15 Bolt(s) of Silk
30 Amber Chunk(s)
50 Bolt(s) of Cloth
5 Bolt(s) of Silk
10 Amber Chunk(s)
100 Bolt(s) of Cloth
10 Bolt(s) of Silk
20 Amber Chunk(s)
50 Bolt(s) of Cloth
5 Bolt(s) of Silk
10 Amber Chunk(s)
60 Platinum 350 Bolt(s) of Cloth
35 Bolt(s) of Silk
70 Amber Chunk(s)


  • The streamers on the back of the shoulders of the female version of this armor will clip through the top of the character's guild cape while the cape is displayed.
  • The female version of this armor has a small clipping bug on the shoulders at certain angles or when the character moves for certain animations such as pouting.
  • The female version clips with Bandana headset.
  • The male version becomes deformed during the character's idle animation.
  • The armor icons make it seem like more sections of the armor pieces can be dyed than what actually is possible.

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