Elementalist Krytan armor

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Elementalist Krytan armor
Profession Elementalist Elementalist-tango-icon-20.png
Campaign Prophecies, Factions
PvP Krytan
Elementalist Krytan armor f.jpg Elementalist Krytan armor m.jpg
Female gallery Male gallery

Elementalist Krytan armor is an art type introduced in the Prophecies campaign as collector armor and is also available in the Factions campaign.

There is no prestige version of Krytan armor.

Trading - Prophecies [edit]
Region AR Krytan Robes Krytan Gloves Krytan Leggings Krytan Footwear
Ascalon (pre-Searing) 7 5 Unnatural Seeds 3 Icy Lodestones
3 Enchanted Lodestones
3 Spider Legs 5 Gargoyle Skulls
Ascalon (post-Searing) 21 4 Leathery Claws 3 Fetid Carapaces 4 Ornate Grawl Necklaces 4 Fetid Carapaces
Northern Shiverpeaks 27 5 Curved Minotaur Horns 5 Stone Summit Badges none 5 Alpine Seeds
Kryta 39 5 Forest Minotaur Horns 5 Mergoyle Skulls 5 Shadowy Remnants 5 Glowing Hearts
5 Shadowy Remnants 5 Bog Skale Fins 5 Glowing Hearts 5 Mergoyle Skulls
Maguuma Jungle 51 5 Thorny Carapaces 5 Ebon Spider Legs 5 Jungle Troll Tusks 5 Ancient Eyes
5 White Mantle Emblems 5 Ebon Spider Legs 5 Maguuma Manes
Crystal Desert 60 5 Losaru Manes 5 Minotaur Horns 5 Losaru Manes 5 Dune Burrower Jaws
5 Bleached Carapaces 5 Shriveled Eyes 5 Dune Burrower Jaws 5 Massive Jawbones
Southern Shiverpeaks 60 7 Huge Jawbones 7 Alpine Seeds 7 Frigid Hearts 7 Azure Remains
Crafting - Factions
Location Armorer AR Cost Robes Gloves Leggings Shoes   Total cost
Bukdek Byway Oroku 60 1 Platinum 75 Bolt(s) of Cloth
12 Bolt(s) of Silk
25 Bolt(s) of Cloth
4 Bolt(s) of Silk
50 Bolt(s) of Cloth
8 Bolt(s) of Silk
25 Bolt(s) of Cloth
4 Bolt(s) of Silk
4 Platinum 175 Bolt(s) of Cloth
28 Bolt(s) of Silk


  • The female chest piece has a clipping error with guild capes
  • This is one of the armor sets with odd dying behavior, which is more noticeable in the the female version. Adding two or more dyes will dye the armor in a counterintuitive way.
  • Elementalist Elite Stormforged Prestige armor uses the same mesh as this armor.
  • Elementalist Thaumaturgic Robes uses the same mesh as this armor.

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