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AssassinCandi ⇒

Leaping Mantis Sting.jpg
Exhausting Assault.jpg
Moebius Strike.jpg
Twisting Fangs.jpg
Death Blossom.jpg
Restful Breeze.jpg
Shadow Walk.jpg

Candi Blaydes

Candi is my PvP tag. Currently I primarily use Assassins in AB with the Moebius Breeze build.


  • Monk.png Monk : Everlasting Candi
Light of Deliverance.jpg
Protective Spirit.jpg
Reversal of Fortune.jpg
Holy Veil.jpg
Orison of Healing.jpg
Healing Breeze.jpg
Signet of Devotion.jpg
Resurrection Signet.jpg
-- PvP General (not used anymore due to LoD nerf)
  • Ranger.png Ranger : Peppermint Candi
Spike Trap.jpg
Dust Trap.jpg
Flame Trap.jpg
Barbed Trap.jpg
Troll Unguent.jpg
Natural Stride.jpg
Lightning Reflexes.jpg
Trapper's Speed.jpg
-- AB Trapper
  • Warrior.png Warrior : Laryn Bloodstalker (not a Candi o.o)
Tiger's Fury.jpg
Executioner's Strike.jpg
Penetrating Chop.jpg
Axe Rake.jpg
Healing Signet.jpg
Resurrection Signet.jpg
-- RA TF Warrior