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A cool profession idea that I thought up was the dark paladin. Its a sort of evil warrior that uses dark magic combined with a two-handed sword (called a claymore). Its kinda like a warrior combined with a necromancer, but its not so much of a "tank" having only 70 armor and has 25 energy and +3 energy regeneration. That makes it tougher than normal casters and has more energy and regeneration than a warrior. Its like a dervish that uses hexes instead of enchantments and has adrenaline skills as well.


70 armor
25 energy
+3 base energy regeneration
Claymore (1.75 attack rate, max 24-30 slashing damage, two-handed)


  • Warp Physics-increases the effect of spells that distort the physical world and laws of physics.
  • Sword Craft-increases damage done with claymores and the chance to deal a critical hit with them. Increase the effect of skills to do with these weapons.
  • Shadow Tactics-increases the effect of spells related to exploiting corpses, hexes, conditions and enchantments. Also increases the effect of spells to do with health sacrifice.
  • Phantom Soul (primary)-each point in this increases the amount of health stolen from target foe with each spell by 1.
  • This only steals health from the target, so aoe spells do not steal health from multiple targets. Skills also do not steal health from targets. All spells steal health upon finishing casting, not when a projectile reaches (or doesn't reach) the target.
  • It may encourage spamming spells, but such builds are usually failures and offer few advantages over a normal build.
  • Spells that have several projectiles still only steal health once.
  • Only enemies are affected, spells targeting allies do not steal health.


Warp Physics[edit]

These sort of spells are annoying spells that are a mix of a sin's shadow stepping, a ranger's blocking skills, and a mesmer's shut down. They usually are hexes and enchantments and are more for party support, lacking damage or healing. Moderate protective abilities and shut down are the main occupants of this attribute, with elite hexes that completely shut down certain actions for short periods of time.

Sword Craft[edit]

These are mostly attack skills. The claymore has an attack time similar to the hammer but deals more consistent damage. These attack skills are mainly adrenaline charged and thus makes this profession easily shut-down. However, there are also some spell-like heavy damage skills that require adrenaline in this attribute.

Shadow Tactics[edit]

These are spells that deal y x number of hexes/conditions/enchantments in damage. Since the Chaos Paladin is not very adept at spreading conditions or hexes, this is more of a team effort, where your ranger bombards the enemy with conditions and you let fly your arsenal. It encourages communication so as not to waste your hex spike etc. Heavy damage, but very conditional, poor timing results in very little effect.

Phantom Soul[edit]

Very few linked skills, most of these are to do with stealing health. It is meant to encourage sacrifice spells and allow them to be used less sparingly.

Skills & Builds[edit]