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Shade-King Characters

I first bought Guild Wars the day it came out (ok, the day after it came out). I bought it cuz I was cheap and didn't want to go around paying monthly fees while all my firends were playing WOW. My first character, a warrior lasted around 2 months and up to Sanctum Cay before I had enough. Since then I've got a Ranger (Shade Stormarrow) and a monk (Minun Hypide). Me and my brother owned up on my Ranger and since then I've bought Factions, Nightfall and Eye of the North.

A master of dps, my ranger builds are all built upon massive PvE dmg, and so are most of my heroes. In fact, only my warriors and my dervish have any self-heals (+ monks of course). Domination by killing foes before they kill you is my big idea.

Accomplishments (yet to be done) Current Achievements
  • FoW Ranger Armour
  • Legendary Skill Hunter for Shade Stormarrow
  • Unlock every single skill in the game
  • Elite Druid Armour (shade Stormarrow)
  • Protector of Tyria (Shade Stormarrow)
  • A pro puller
  • Unstoppable touch ranger build