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Acolyte Shadeslayer was found in the Zaishen Isles at a young age, and was raised with battle in his blood. He is quite cynical and has little belief in anything, but a recent encounter with the Luxons has changed all that. He was taken by their ethos and has devoted himself entirely to fighting the accursed Kurzicks wherever, whenever.

Acolyte Shadeslayer's Skills[edit]

  • AB Build 1 (12+4 Wilderness Survival, 3+1 Expertise, 12 Earth Magic
Storm Chaser.jpg
Stone Striker.jpg
Ward of Weakness.jpg
Sliver Armor.jpg
Obsidian Flesh.jpg
Stoneflesh Aura.jpg
Armor of Earth.jpg
  • AB Build 2
Punishing Shot.jpg
Sloth Hunter's Shot.jpg
Forked Arrow.jpg
Arcing Shot.jpg
Read the Wind.jpg
Dryder's Defenses.jpg
Troll Unguent.jpg
  • Touch Ranger (12 Blood Magic, 12+4 Expertise, 3 Curses)
Vampiric Touch.jpg
Vampiric Bite.jpg
Offering of Blood.jpg
Angorodon's Gaze.jpg
Strip Enchantment.jpg
Zojun's Haste.jpg
Awaken the Blood.jpg